Part 1

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Luffy POV:
"I lost them, all of them. I could save a single one of my friends! Ima sorry excuse of a captain!" I screamed "I've been flying threw the sky for two days already, they said it'll be three days. Once I land I'll find my friends and bring them all back together. Just wait for me guys, please everyone be safe" there's nothing I can do right now.

Lucy's POV:
I'm sitting in my apartment with Plue, i still can't believe the guild disbanded. It's been 6 months now. all my friends, my family, the people I love dearly all left. Everyone went their separate ways. I heard something at my window I looked over saw the news bird I order a paper from every few years. I walked and paid it then he handed me the paper. I was look threw until I saw something "NO WAY! ACE IS BEING EXECUTED!" i yelled scaring plue "I have to save him! I can't let him die! He's practically my brother." I said. "Come on, we have have to find out where he's being held and save him before they take him for execution" I said taking plue out to town with me. Out in town we heard people talking about how fire fist has finally been captured. 'Just great I already knew that' I thought "maybe we can get help from blue Pegasus, I'm sure they could locate him easy" I said and plue agreed. 
After sometime we arrived at blue Pegasus, I explained my situation to them. They all were shocked but agreed to help. After a few hours they got a lead. "Seems he's most likely being held in impladown, Lucy are you sure you want to do this? If you get caught you could be executed with him" hibiki told me "I'm sure, I can't just do nothing when one of my childhood friends is about to die! I have to at least try to save him!" I declared, after I thanked them for there help and now stopped back home to pack what I'll need for this trip. "Open the gate of the maiden Virgo" I chanted "punishment time princess?" Virgo asked "no, I need you to store these for me in the celestial world" I told her and she nodded in agreement. "Alright plue let's get some sleep, were leaving by Sun raise" I said and drifted off to sleep, thinking about what's now waiting ahead for me but I have to do this. He would do the same for me. Ace, sabo, and especially luffy.

This is the opening, this story I swear I'll continue. 
Sorry I always think of something new. It's a big problem

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