azure blue;

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The graduation cap had a little
star on it, hanging by the edge.
People crowded the auditorium
as loud noises consumed my mind.

The colors mixed with my eyes,
blurring out everything that
came to my fingertips; my heart
dug itself into my bones, pouring
its pain through my veins.

My fingers twisted around the blue
bracelet, spun out of a blend of dark
blue and light. A forming spiral curled
around my finger, stopping the blood
from forming a waterfall inside of me.
My skin grew pale as I clutched the rope
closer; the side effects slowly kick in as
I become nauseated by the tight grip.

Goddammit, I can't do this without
you, Azura.

My eyes fluttered to Mother's as
I saw her slowly rock Adelina and Theo
in their stroller. She gave me a
weak smile.

My name was called as an applause
rung throughout the auditorium. My feet
were dragging me behind and it
felt as if it was miles before I reached
the podium. I closed my eyes for
a tiny second before letting the
breath I didn't even know I was
holding in out. Everyone became
quiet as their eyes settled upon me.

My lips quivered as I began,

                           "There are many shades of blue...
                            I only knew one..."

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