cobalt blue;

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[ found on a price tag for a toy ]

roses are red,
violets are blue,
please look up,
I have something
for you.

And as you looked up and reached
for the balloon, your fingertips
grazed the edges of the little
drawing hanging loosely by a thread;
there was on your face.

A catharsis rung throughout the
tree, crawling through it's empty
veins of blood and springing
down to my feet. I realized that
a person is oblivious to their
own smile.

I am oblivious to my own smiles.

When you spend your seconds trying
to stir a bowl of emblems that bring
smiles, you forget how to smile
always busy wondering
if you scar the empty sky with
loosened dreams; or if you're
just an open book whose letters
keep falling out.

Or if you're just
a bottle who has cracked open
shards of sins.

And when I saw a smile
on your pink lips, happiness covered
all sequence of argument
an argument that states
everyone is oblivious
to their smiles—
for I brought
my fingertips to my mouth
and traced the edges of an upside
down frown.

Thanks for making me
smile, love.

I needed it.

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