pigeon blue;

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"Charlie is learning how
to speak," mom beamed
to Azura. Azura's eyes widened
as she hugged me tightly.

"Really?" her eyes sparkled
with happiness. "I'm so
proud of you, Charlie."

I smiled and gave her a tiny
kiss, catching mom roll her

In just a week or two, I'll be
planting kisses on the foreheads
of three people.

And it's these moments
that seem innocuous but
end up marking a new era
in this life of mine.

It's set in motion by a
series of epiphanies, realizing
how I've changed, how
my mind ticks like a clock
without being set on which time
it is.

It's moments like these
where I wonder if being able
to speak, to pour words so easily
and freely out of my thin lips
would change everything.

Where would I be?
Where would Azura be?
Would the twins even exist?
And it's days like these where
I don't regret anything.

Maybe getting that haircut in
seventh grade but still,
no regrets.


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