dawn blue;

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[ scribbled on a piece of candy wrapper ]

Ever since you threw
away your meal, my
mind has been ticking
like a bomb.

tick, tick, tick.

But just hear, or
in this case, read me

please flip to
the other side.

You know those people
who are beautiful but
not just by the looks
but in what they say
and just how they are?

                                                                   Your words define
                                                                   the beauty inside of
                                                                   you, whenever you'd
randomly sing as your
hands tickled the curtains
of the window or smile when
something so simple like
a breeze falls gently
across the room, or even
when you see the sun
slowly rising upon the
blanket of blue.
                                                                   I'm addicted
                                                                   to words, but they are
                                                                   useless and so am I,
                                                                   so is it true what they

You become what
you're addicted to:
                                                            But when I hear your words,
                                                                       I am far from being useless.  

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