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shades of blue by julixtta
shades of blueby Julietta
Charlie doesn't speak, so he paints.
therapy by julixtta
therapyby Julietta
"they told us that we needed therapy, as if medication and tainted words could fix broken toys."
the art of by julixtta
the art ofby Julietta
"I think you should -" "Correction: I am in my own body, with my own mind; you do not and cannot tell me what to do."
zero by julixtta
zeroby Julietta
Quinn scribbles tainted emotions across thin layers of white paper. But to who? To someone who blinks once, sees her, and blinks again-just to make her disappear. To so...
Why Me by victoriaaamarie05
Why Meby VictoriaMarie
Ashlyn is a beautiful, little, funny and charming young lady. But she turns out to not be what everyone thought she was. It was not until Ashlyn realized that something...
HEAR FROM ME by am_rene
HEAR FROM MEby am_rene
Poems and recitations are a great way of expressing and sharing your thoughts and feelings. Inspired by my life and that of others around me is a collection i hope you e...
The Question by ThorStrike
The Questionby Aliyar
It all began when they asked me, they asked me what love was.....
The thoughts of the cast out girl by candykimi
The thoughts of the cast out girlby kimberly Sinclair
These poems were written in tears or from pain of over thinking or rejection, anyone who can relate I hope you'll enjoy.
shades of red by julixtta
shades of redby Julietta
when you have too many thorns, all you can do is paint them in red, because, maybe then, they will look like petals [sequel to shades of blue]
Barry shotton by katestephenson2004
Barry shottonby katestephenson2004
Hi everyone I'm Kate Stephenson and these series r going to be about my riding life so I hope you enjoy xx ;)
&. by julixtta
&.by Julietta
a collection of thoughts that always abruptly en
Shhh by victoriaaamarie05
Shhhby VictoriaMarie
Selina and Dafine WERE sisters. They shared all the fun in the world, laughter, love, and most importantly happiness. Until one evening Dafine heard a strange "shh...
facade by julixtta
facadeby Julietta
what a strange feeling