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His fingers wrapped around my
throat as his words drove inside
me like venom without brakes.

"You got her pregnant!" His
voice continued to scream
as she begged him to not
take away the most precious
thing her life.

Azura, don't say that. I am far
from being precious. That
baby is precious.

His punches came rapidly
and the blood soon flew out
freely, out of my mouth, my
head, my soul. Yet it was
worth it. She's fighting for
two lives and it is all because
of me.

"Goddammit, Charlie, you really
screwed up this time." Mom's
voice came from the halls as
she yanked me off the ground.
"Sir, don't ever place your hands
on my son ever again." Her voice
was stern, "or else I'll call the police."

"I'd rather go to jail as long as he
is dead."

The world paused, the room got
quiet. Everything was still as the
dust dropped from the ceiling,
trying to act as if it is glitter. Trying
to feel beautiful.

"Dad, don't you ever say that again,"
Azura's hand brushed against her
father's face and a loud smack
rang like the bells in churches.

"I would be dead if it wasn't for Charlie,"
she continued. "If Charlie wasn't
here, you wouldn't have a daughter.
But that's a good thought for you,
isn't it? Finally, another burden off
your shoulders so you can focus
on your other ones?

Like mom, maybe?

Or your drinking? Smoking? Dealing?
You are a deadbeat father, dad," she emphasized
the word 'dad' as if it was a forbidden
word. "I'd rather be in jail than to
see a father like you wandering around
here. You think you're such a good

At least I won't abandon
my child even if Charlie leaves.
I'm not like mom. I'm not like you. I'm
having this baby, whether you like it
or not. And this isn't some sort of phase or
act of rebellion. It's the act of accepting my
mistakes and using them for the greater good.
Yes, this child was unplanned. Yes, it'll be hard on
me. But what did the child do to deserve to feel unwanted?
Absolutely nothing. With that, you are no longer allowed to
ever come near me ever again. Or Charlie."

His lips shook as he reached out
for her hand, only be yanked back.
"Don't touch me. Leave. And do not
come back."

His legs slowly shuffled against
the carpet in the room as he
made his way to the door, silence
imprinted itself onto his skin.
"Oh, and dad?" she called after
him. He spun around immediately,
hope in his eyes.

"Tell mom that I said goodbye."

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