pastel blue;

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She's losing too much blood
she can't make it in time
the children's cord is tangled
around them.
We need to choose

Choose? My eyes watered as my
heart clutched itself into a choking
hold. Letting the thoughts consume
me and suffocate me, I didn't hear
it when Azura whispered my name.

"I need to see Charlie," Azura whispered a
little louder. Her voice was coarse and
her eyes faltering. I rushed to her sides
and touched her shaking face
as her teeth clenched. "Charlie?"

I nodded and placed a cloth on her
forehead, letting it soak up her drops
of hard work and misery.

"This is for you, Charlie," She handed
me a bracelet woven out of dark blue,
yet spiraling up with every single shade
of blue imaginable.

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