midnight blue;

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In just one month, I knew everything
about her and she knew everything
about me. No secrets held back.
She was the key to the treasure
chest of secrets that even monsters
were afraid of. Yet she wasn't

She would always smile,
and say, "It's up for you to
understand: we can only
control ourselves, not the
people around us."

Then everything would be
okay, for just a second.
The world would stop
spinning, birds would
stop flying and her smile
would be the only thing

"Is it possible to fall in
love with a stranger?" She
asked one day while
we lay underneath the
stars. The sand underneath
our fingers, desperately
crawling out.

I shrugged. Yet I knew.

"Because it feels like I am."

I sat up, curious as to
who she is talking about.


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