steel blue;

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she's only a silhouette
of his extinguished love;
the end of a cigarette
falling out of his glove.

He left her at the end of melodious c r i e s;
isolation of the empty sky above her head as
the f l o c k s of immortal ink sinks into ambiguous
undulations painted to slither towards the darkness
extended on colorless wings of the torn youth.

Transparent bodies marked by t e x t u r e;
incredulous senses scarred in the future snow;
age is invisible on their pale faces as they become
s p i r i t s condemned with incessant torture from
the wings of the wind and the dead silence of the night.

he's only a shadow
to her transparent body;
the screams in her hollow
mind claim she's a nobody.

                                                     [Azura, hospitals
                                                     scare me]

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