The End:You Kept it

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It's been a month. Ella and John went to prison. My mom doesn't feel bad. Ella deserves it. Danny and Mason are happy. So are Ross and Adam. And Jason and Jess. My mom is always smiling.

My dad has a amazing job. I'm happy. I forgot what my ceiling looked liked.

I'm looking at my friends. Jess. Adam. Ross. Jason. He moved here. And Max. Well he's not my friend.

He's my boyfriend. I smiled. He waved for me to run over there. I sit by him. He kissed my forehead. I blush. "Happy"he asked. "Yeah. "I said. I kissed him.

Jess laughed. I hugged her. She was shocked but hugged back. I backed up. "Thanks. For being a creep on my first day"I said. She nodded.

"No problem. So dinner. Reds "she asked. I nodded. "My mom always has extra food"I said. I smiled.

Look at you. All the you. You did it.

You kept it

  The End

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