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Ok I am going to start walking. It takes a few minutes anyway he said.

I get up and walk downstairs. I see Ella on the phone. "Where's mom"I ask. "She took Danny to Masons soccer game. She will be right back. "Ella said. I nodded. I grabbed my phone and walked to he door. "Bye"I said. She didn't do anything.

I rolled my eyes. I closed the door and started walking. I saw my moms car and waved and kept walking.


When I got to his house. I was very nervous. I knocked once and started freaking out. "Calm down"I whispered. I nodded. He opened the door. He smiled. I smiled back.

"Come in"he said. I nodded. "Thanks. So what we doing"I asked. "I ordered pizza and I have video games. "He said. I nodded. When we got the pizza we ate and watched a movie.

After the movie we started playing gang beast. I won every time. "Yes"I yelled. "Ok you are cheating "he said. I shook my head.

"Ok. I think as a gift you should get...tickled"he smiled. My eyes widen. "You wouldn't. "I said. "Oh but I would"he smiled. I laughed and got up and tried to run. But he grabbed my arm and pulled me down and started tickling me. I laughed.

"Max stop. Please"I said. "Why. "He said. "Please. HAHA "I laughed. He smiled. Then we figured out how close out faces were to each other.

I turned red. And he did to. "M-Max. "I said. He looked at me. He grabbed my hands and intertwined them. Both. I looked back at his eyes. "R-Red"he said.

"What are you doing"I asked. "Something"he said. "What's that something "I asked. "This"he said softly. Then I felt his soft pink lips on mine.

I kissed back right away. He let my hands go I put them in my hair. I did the same. He lifted my off my back little.

He backs up a little. "Red"he said. "Yeah"I said. "You ok"he said. I nodded. "I'm with you. I'm great"I said. "You ok that I kissed you"he said. I nodded. "I kissed back"I said. "I know but I don't want you to be uncomfortable with me kissing you. You know"he said.

I kissed him. Then backed up. "Come on. Let's get more pizza"I said. He nodded. But was still in shock. I smiled.

I got up and walked to the counter. Before I could grab a slice I was turned around and picked up. "Max"I laughed. He smiled.

He set me on the other side of the pizza box. I laughed. "I want pizza"I whined. "I don't"he said.

I smiled. I put my hands on his cheeks and kissed him. He put his arms around my waist. I backed up a little. "I love you so much"he said. I smiled.

"When are parents coming back"I asked. "Why you ask"he asked. I smiled. "Oh. "He said. I blushed but still didn't lose my cool.

He gave me a little stare. Then a smile. "Michael. I am so glad you came into my life"he said. "I'm glad I came into your life to"I said. He hugged me.

I hugged back. All this when I'm still on the counter. He looks up to me. I smile. I play with his hair for a while. Then he kissed me again.

I smile in the kiss. Then we hear the door open we freeze. "Hahaha"Mason laughs. I blush. "Well. Just friends my butt boy"Terri said. I laughed. Max then blushed.

"Ok. I'm going to go. I'll see you Monday "I said hoping off the counter. "Do you want me to walk you home"max asked. I shook my head. "I will be fine"I said.

"No. Max take my car. "Terri said. I smiled.


Once we got to my house. I looked at him. "See ya Monday "I said. He nodded. He leaned in. I leaned in to. Then someone banged on the window. I jumped. I looked. It was my mom.

"MOTHER "I yelled. I rolled the window down. "Hey Red. Home earlier then expected "she said. I rolled my eyes. I looked at Max "bye"I said. "Bye"he said. He smiled. I smiled back. I got out of the car and walked to the house with my mom.

Once we got inside I looked at her. "Goodnight "she said. I smiled.

When I was getting ready for bed I got a text

???:Miss me
Me:Lose this number
???:How do you know who I am
Me:I don't. Lose the number
???:I miss you

I shut my phone off. I then got into bed and went straight to sleep. I was happy. I didn't look at my ceiling.

Then my phone buzzed. I picked it up.

Max:So sorry about my mom
Me:me to
Max:Ha. Moms you love them
Me:Yeah. So you at home
Max:No I'm outside looking at you through the window
Me:Are you joking

I got up and looked out my window. I saw him. I think.

Me:is that you
Max:Dude I'm joking. I'm at home
Me:Ok this is weird. There is a guy looking at me
Max:Red you joking
Me:I don't know. Goodnight
Max:good night
Me:love you
Max:I love you more
Me:are we going to turn into that couple that always says they love the other more
Max:I didn't know we were a couple
Max:I love you to. Get good sleep
Me:You to. And I love you to
Max:Tell Danny that Mason said he loves her
Me:Sure. Bye
Max:I'm bored
Me:Dude I love you in all. But I am tired. Very tired
Max:Fine. Bye

I put my phone down. I smiled. Then I finally get sleep.


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