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"YOU WHAT"Jess yelled. I sshed her. "Quiet "I said. "Ok. Please tell. Again"she asked

"I had a dream. Where I couldn't find my mom or Dad. Even Danny. And when I turned around. I saw two figures. And the shorter one told me they wanted me dead. And I woke up"I said.

"Dear god I got a crazy friend "she said. I gave her a look. "Ok. Let's move past that. But who do you think they were"she asked. "I don't know. I just heard dark voices. And I couldn't see the face"I said.

"Ok. Close your eyes"she said. I looked at her confused. "Close. "She yelled. I closed my eyes.

"Think about the dream. And try to see the people"she said.

I started thinking about the dream. Then all I heard was noises. They got louder and louder. I covered my ears.

"Red open your eyes "Jess said. I shook my head. The noises got louder and louder.

"Dead.""dead"dead". It repeated. I fell to the ground. Hands still to my ears.

"Red"I heard Jess yell. I only heard it softly. But in other ears. It was not quite softly.

Then I felt other hands on my hands. They pulled them away from my ears. Then I felt one hand on my cheek.

"Open your eyes"someone said. I opened them. I saw Max. I started crying. Softly. Then hugged him.

"It's ok"he whispered. He kissed the top of my head. "It's ok"he said again.


We were in his car. Well his moms car. He was just sitting there. Thinking. I could tell. "School ended an hour ago. Take me home. "I said. He said nothing.

"Max. You wanted to drive me home. Drive me home"I said. He still did nothing.

"How"he asked. "What"I asked. "How"he said. "How what"I asked. "How do you not trust me. You tell me after I said I didn't want to be in a relationship. Cause I don't know what a true relationship is. I never had a real one. "he said.

"Max"I said. "I may not know what a relationship is. But I can trust people Red. It may not make sense. But how"he asked.

"I have reasons not to trust people. Those reasons you know"I said. "But I didn't hurt you. I didn't hit you. Or the other stuff"he said.

He grabbed my hand. "I would never lay a finger on you like that. When we first kissed. I asked you. If you were ok. I made sure"he said.

I looked down. "I screw up. I know. But how do you say I trusted you. When I just said I'm don't want to be in a relationship. "He said.

"I'm sorry"I said. "I am to"he said. I looked at him. "Max no matter what I will always love you. Always. Even if it takes a while for you to want to be in a relationship "I said.

"I don't want you to feel like you need to wait"he said. "I won't. I'm still with you. "I said. He smiled. "But you want more"he sighed. I nodded.

"I can't. We can be friends. Until I'm ready"he said. I looked at him. And nodded.  "I want you happy"I said. He smiled.

"Alright I'll drive you home"he laughed. I laughed.

After he dropped me off I walked inside to find my mom crying. "Mom"I said. "Ella. Killed someone else"she cried. I hugged her.

"I'm a terrible mother. "She said. I shook my head. "This is Ella's fault. Not yours. She chose this. "I said.

She calmed down a little. "Why do I feel bad"she said. "Cause your a Mom. And your seeing this. "I said.

I hugged her again. Then she walked to bed. I walked to my room and got ready for bed. I looked at my ceiling.

Don't come back. Don't dream it again. Who is it. Why do they want me dead. I get a text.


I smiled. Then another text.

???:I guess your happy again. For how long
Me:I don't know who you are but stop
???:Heh. See ya soon

I closed my phone. I then just went right to bed. Worried. And scared.

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