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It's Friday. And I'm trying to figure out what to wear to school and after. I pick a red shirt. I smile. I walk downstairs. I see Danny laughing on her phone.

"Who you talking to"I asked. "This boy "she says. "Details"I asked. "His name is Mason. And he's really cute and nice. "She says. "Siblings."I asked. "Ella asked that. And one older brother"she said. "Poor Ella"I said.

"I will see ya after school"I said. She nodded. I started walking.

I saw Max with his friends. I had the urge to walk up to him. But I didn't. I didn't want to embarrass my self. I see Jess and some guy. I decide not to go up to her. I run to this spot. No ones here. I sit down on the bench.

"Hey"I turn around. No one. That sounded like. No. he's not here. "Red"Max said. "Hi"I said. "Hey. You still want to hang out after school"he asked. I nodded.

"And Jess"I asked. "Jess is with her boyfriend. So just me you and my idiotic friends "he said. I nodded. "Your talking a lot more "he said. I nodded.

"There. Don't be afraid to talk. K"he said. I nodded. "I mean. Yeah"I said. He chuckled. "Your a perfect guy aren't you. Any girl would be lucky to have you"he said.

"I'm not perfect . "I said. "I'm tired of people saying they aren't perfect. I can see perfect. And you are "he said

"..."I looked down. I stood up. "Not to some"I said walking off.

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