Chp.8:No one

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"There"I say. "Red"she said. "It's my fault. "I said. "Goodnight "she said. I nod. She closed the door and I lay on my bed.

Goodnight world

I wake up to my sister talking to me. "Come on. Mom's driving you"she said. I nod. I get ready and we head off. "Have a good day"she said. I nodded. After the car leaves I see people staring at me. Why.

"Freak"I hear someone say. Whats going on. I go to my locker. I open it and tons of papers fall out. "Um"I whisper. I pick one up. "Lier"it says.

I look around. I see Jess. "Um"I show it to her. "You didn't hear"she says. I shook my head. "Some girl spread a rumor about you. Said you used her. Now people call you freak or lier"she said.

"Clara"I said. "You met her. "Her eyes widen. I nodded. I saw Ross,Tim,and Adam walk up to me. "Don't worry. Max is talking to her"Adam said. "So is Em"Tim said. I nodded. "I met her once. Talked to her once"I said.

I see Clara. And a guy walking with her. "That's him Troy. That's the guy who used me"she said. The guy walked up to me. "You the guy you hurt my sister "he asked. I shook my head.

"He's lying "she said. "I talked to you once"I yelled. "Where's Max"Ross asked. "Troy leave him alone"Max said. Everyone turned around.

"Why. "Troy asked. "Because your idiot sister is lying to you like the other times"max said. "Troy. I'm not. He hurt me. "Clara said. Max looked at Troy. "You lay one finger on Red. And I will deal with you. I don't care if I get expelled. Don't touch him"Max said. My eyes widen.

Everyone else's did to. Jess got her phone out. I gave her a look. Then he put it away. "I'm not scared of you"Troy said. Everyone backed up. Even Clara. I was confused. "That's right. I haven't beat you yet"he said. "You said don't touch him. Well"Troy said. He paused for a moment and then punch me in the gut. "Ow"I said falling to the ground.

Max wastes no time to jump to Troy and punch him. "Get out of my face. Both of you"Max said. Troy and Clara ran away. I looked up to see Max offering to help me up. I take it.

"You ok"he asked. I nodded. I turn around and see everyone's mouth to the floor. "What"max said. "Oh we are having the longest talk "Adam said. "Same"Jess said to me. I looked at Max. "Heh"he chuckled. I smiled.

"Just kiss already "Ross said. Max looked at Ross. I blushed. "Ross. I will kill you"I said. "Don't worry. "Adam said. "I'll talk to him"he added. Ross looked down.

Max looked at me but I turned away fast so he wouldn't see my blush. "Well I sadly have science. "Jess said. "Yep. See ya later guys"everyone else says. Then I see them running. I laugh. "You sure your ok"he asked. "I'm fine. Are you ok"I asked. "Perfect "he said.

It looked like he was about to grab my hand. "Well. "I paused. Taking my hand back. "I need to go to class"I said. He nodded "yeah. K. See ya later"he said. I nodded.

I got my book and I ran to my class. When I got there. I realized he was gonna hold my hand. I blushed then shook my head.

"Don't turn this into last time"I whispered. Then wen to my seat.

Time skip

While walking home with Jess I forgot she was talking. "Red. You ok"she asked. I nodded. "Just really tired. You staying for dinner"I asked. She nodded.

"Hey"a voice said. I turned around. I was shocked. "Hi. I'm Jess"Jess said. "John"he said. "You know Red"Jess asked. "Red. His name is mi..."I stopped him. "It's red"I said.

"I can tell you two aren't wanting to talk to each other. Well one person. "Jess said. "Jess let's go"I said. "Bye"Jess said. John walked up to me and grabbed my arm. I backed up.

"John. Don't. "I said. ".."he didn't say anything. Then I walked away. And Jess followed.

Once we got home. Jess gave me a glare. "You don't explain. I'm gonna talk to your mom"she said. "Talk to your mom about what"mom said.

"Who is John "Jess asked. "Red. "Mom said. "He walked up to me when we were walking home"I said.

"He grabbed Reds arm and red just gave him a scare glare or something "Jess said. "He touched you"mom said. I nodded. "Jess are you staying "Mom asked. Jess nodded.

"Let's talk"mom said. Jess nodded.

I just was thinking. About him.

Do I tell Max.

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