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I'm at a park. Wondering. If I never went to Johns house. I wouldn't be here. I never would've met Jess,Adam,Ross. Max. Ella would still be crazy. And Danny would be sad again.

She's always sad. Always. No matter what. I look down. Then someone sits next to me. I look up. Max. "Hey"he said.

I nodded. "Listen. I'm really sorry. "He said. "Your only doing this cause Ross acted all tough. "I said. He smiled. "Really. What did Ross tell you"He asked. I told him. He started laughing.

"Ok. Yeah that happened. But I wanted to talk to you anyway. "He said. I looked down. "Can I tell you a story"I said.

He nodded. "Its my favourite "I said.

He smiled. "Sure"he said.

There was once a teen boy. He thought he was smart. And he made good choices. Until one night he snuck out to see his boyfriend. 

He regretted it. His boyfriend was drunk. He beat him. The boy broke a arm and a rib. Almost a leg.

The next morning he woke in pain. And was driven to the hospital. And they learned something. It happened a week later. Then a month later they moved.


"Why is that your favourite "he asked. "Cause that teen boy was me. The drunk was my ex. John. "I said.

He looked at me. I lifted my pants a little. And then lifted my sleeve.

"Red these look... "I stopped him. "Last week. I was walking home. "I said. He looked at me.

"Scars "I said. "They never heal for me"I added. He looked down. "Red I'm sorry"he said.  I nodded.

"I am to"I said. "I got you into this"I added. "No you didn't "he said.

"My sister is crazy. She killed someone before "I said. He let out a sigh. He stood up. And put his hand out.

"Michael (L/N). Let me take you home. "He said. I smiled. Then nodded. "I thought I was mad at you"I said.

"I'm mad at me to. Let me make it up to you"he said. I smiled. Then grabbed his hand. "Ok. I trust you"I said.

Then we walked home. What I didn't know was that two people that hated me. That didn't want me happy with Max or at all.

We're spying on us. I didn't know. And soon. I would wish I would've known.

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