Chp.9:Real Lies

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After Jess left she promised to keep the story a secret. I layed on my bed. Thinking. To I tell Max. Can I trust him. Well. I don't know. Tomorrow is Friday and Danny's boyfriends family comes over. I'm kinda excited to meet the guy. And the older brother a little.

But I want it to be Saturday. The day I can be with Max. Hang out. Be alone. I hear a knock. "Come in"I say. I make my guest. Its my mom.

Darn. I lose again. My game. "Yeah"I say. "About him. Just stay away from him. Ok "she said. I nod. "Love you"she said. "Love you"I say. And with that she leaves.

I look at my ceiling.

Goodnight world

Goodnight him

After my mom drops me off I go to my locker. "Hey"I hear a voice. No.No. I turn around. It's him. It's John. "What"I say. "I want to talk. "She said. I know him. He's gonna apologize. But he's not sorry.

He's just lonely. Sad. Desperate. "No. I don't want to talk"I said. "Mic"I don't let him finish. "That's not my name. It's Red"I said. "Red. We are talking. Now. And you are gonna listen "he said. "Get away form me"I said.

"Red. Come on"he said. "Go away"I said. He grabs my arm. "You listen to my now"he said. "Red. "Max said. I look and see him. "Max"I said. "Who's this"he asked. "Old friend "John said. "Not even a friend "I said. John twist me arm. "Ow"I yell. "Let go"Max says. "I'm sorry. Who are you"John says.

"A very good friend of reds. And if you don't let him go. I will hurt you. "Max says. "Fine"John let's go. "Now go. I don't want to see you by Red ever again"Max said. John rolled his eyes and left.

"Explain"Max said. "Ex"I said. He nodded. "Still hanging out tomorrow "he said. I nodded. "Still"I said. "You sure you don't have anything else to tell me about that guy"max asked. "He was a bad person"I say." Nothing else"he asked. I shook my head. He nodded.

He then left to class.

There we go.

A real lie.

To him.

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