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We started walking to my house. Once we got there I saw my mom on the couch. She looked up and saw Jess. "Oh. Hi. I'm Glenda "she said. Jess nodded. "I'm Jess"she said. "Sorry. We just moved in. I didn't know I would have a visitor "mom said.

"Girl. Your fine. My house looks the same. And I have been living there since I was born "Jess said. Mom smiled. "Will you be staying for dinner"mom asked. "Mom"I said. "It's fine. And I will ask"Jess said. Mom smiled.

We walked to my room. "Your mom is sweet"Jess said. "She thinks I like you. And you like me"I said. "Do you"she asked. I shook my head. "Your a friend "I said. She nodded. "Good cuz I already have a boyfriend "she said sitting down. I sat down on my computer chair.

"But Max is single"She smiled. I shook my head. "I have his number "she said. I blushed.

"Jess. Don't "I said. She got her phone out. "Jess"I said. She typed a number. "Jess"I ran to her. She threw her phone to me. "Jess"I said.


"Jess"I whispered.

Me:No. it's red
Max:On Jess's phone
Me:Pretty much
Max:No problem. Hey. I was actually wanting to talk to you

I looked at her.
Max:Yeah. Would you want to hang out with me and my friends on Friday
Me:Can Jess come
Me:Thanks. And I guess I'll see ya Friday
Max:See ya Friday

I ended it. I looked at her. She smiled. I smiled to. "Red. That was awesome "she said. I nodded.

"Do you like him"she asked.

"No"I said.

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