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I looked at my sister. "Ella. Your my sister "I said. She smiled. "I know"she points the gun at me.

She aims

She fires

They scream

I look down. I see Max on the floor. My eyes widen. I fall to his side. I put his head on my lap.

"Hey. Look at me "I said. "Heh"he laughed. I checked his chest. Blood. "Jess 911"I said. She nodded. Adam got John and Ross got Ella.

I looked at Max. He smiled. "It's ok. Stay with me "I said. "I'm sorry"he said. "Your fine. Make it up to me by staying alive. Ok"I said.

He grabbed my hand. I started to cry. "Max"I cried. "I love you so much. I should've dated you when I had the chance "he said

"We can still date just stop talking. Help is on the way"I cried. "Trust"he said. I gave him a look.

"Get more of it"he said. I kissed his forehead. "Don't leave me. I trust you"I said. I heard Jess start to cry. "I'm sorry "he said again. "Make it up to me. Stay alive"I said.

"I'm glad I met you"he said. I cried. "Max. Please. I don't want to lose you"I said. "You won't. "He said. I felt the world go slow.

I saw the paramedics. They took him. I stood still. I saw Jess. I didn't hear her. She waved to someone to come over. Adam faced me.

He was talking to me. I couldn't hear him. He picked me up bridle style. They ran to Jess's van.

I looked out the window. I saw Adam talking but couldn't hear.

"Red"Adam said. I looked at him. "You ok"he asked. I nodded. "We are going to get his mom then going to the hospital. Ok"he said. I nodded.


When we got to the hospital his mom asked for his room. They told us and I ran. I heard them call my name but I ignored them. I saw him.

He looked at me. "Your ok"I asked. He nodded. "How are you not knocked out"I asked. "I don't know"he said.

I saw his mom. I let her in. She ran to him. I smiled.

"Mom"he said. She looked at me. Then nodded. "I'll wait"she left. I closed the door.

I ran to him and hugged him. He laughed and hugged back.

"I love you so much"I said. "I do to. So much"he said

"Be my boyfriend "he asked. I looked at him. "Red be my boyfriend"he asked. I smiled. "Of course"I said.

He smiled and started laughing. "I love you"he said. I kissed him. Then hugged him. 

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