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"Eileen Rothschild at St. Martin's Press/Wednesday Books has acquired world rights to White Stag, the start of a trilogy from Wattpad author Kara Barbieri. Pitched as Twilight meets Game of Thrones, the series follows a 17-year-old girl who was captured from her village and brought to live in the brutally beautiful Permafrost as a servant to Goblins. She finds herself becoming more monster than human and must uncover secrets to find the truth about who she is and the world that has become her home. Publication is planned for fall 2018; Ashleigh Gardner at Wattpad negotiated the deal."

The link: http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/childrens/childrens-book-news/article/72109-rights-report-week-of-november-21-2016.html

I've been sitting on this information since...maybe October and I've not been allowed to say mum to anyone and BOY has it been killing me to read all of your "this should be published" comments. WELL IT WILL BE!!

Fuck yeah!

I hope y'all aren't too mad at me keeping mum for so long! Trust me I was DYING to tell EVERYONE. But I couldn't. On the pain of death. Or well, not death. You know. Like, business-y stuff.

I want to thank all of you readers now and future and past and whatnot because YOU are the reason I am here right now. YOU are the reason that White Stag has gotten so far and so noticed. Yeah, I wrote the story, but without you guys, I'd be nowhere.

And I want to say that I love you and that all of you will be mentioned in my acknowledgements when I can write that page. I mean, not like by name, because I think that'd be a book on itself. O.o but like, you know what I mean!

And remember for those of you who want to be published one day, it CAN happen. I Promise you! Don't give up! Keep working! It can happen to you too! Hell, I didn't think this would happen to me. Or, at least, I thought I'd be like.....a lot older. I'm not even legal to drink. 

Thank you. All of you. I fucking love you guys.

Note: Publication date has changed to early 2019. For good reasons though so no worries!

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