Episode 3 // part 3

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I waited for Wook and Soo outside of the shop and once they were done, we went back to the residence. Afterwards, Wook carried lady hae to bed and we tucked her in. While smoothing out the blanket for lady hae, Soo and Wook's hands touched. Soo then excuses herself and i followed along.

"Tell me everything honestly Soo ah" i said once we were out of the room.

"Unnie... i know that i shouldn't have feelings for him but i just can't help it"

"Come here" i said softly and held her hand, leading her to the place where there were many many stones for praying.

"No matter what you choose in the end, just remember that i'm here with you throughout to support you and that you will never be alone" i said and gave her a hug.

"Thank you unnie" she hugs me back then turns to pray.

While walking back hand in hand, i saw So sitting there thinking about things and he doesn't seem to have noticed us.

"I'll go back first, you can go talk to him, i'm fine" Soo says while nudging me teasingly then gently pushes me to his direction.

I turned to see Soo leaving, with a sigh i walked towards So.

"What is troubling you so badly that the usually alert you, didn't seem to notice me passing by or perhaps you chose to ignore me?" I said in hopes to lighten him up just a little while sitting down beside him.

He jumped a little when i started to speak, i guess he really was very focused on whatever he was thinking about.

"I did not choose to ignore you, its just... i'm just thinking about some things" he says.

"And what things are you referring about? I thought we already opened up to each other" i replied.

After a moment of silence, just when i was going to let it slide. He speaks up," I think that my mother and Yo are responsible for the planned assassination of the crown prince."

Okay... i was not expecting that at all. He seems to be having conflicting thoughts on what he should do.

"I can't help much but i can give you this advice. Follow your heart and do whatever you think is right. Only you yourself knows if it is worth it or not, no one can tell you otherwise. After making the decision, be strong and go with it and don't look back." I said.

He appears to have somewhat been enlightened by what i have said and turns to me, looking into my eyes but not saying anything.

It was getting kind of awkward so i blinked and looked away, standing up to pat myself clean i then said," I'll be going then". As i turned to leave, he pulls my hand, tugging me down and kisses my forehead once again.

" Thank you" he says very softly.

AND DONE !! thank you for waiting and once again i hope i did not disappoint any of you , happy reading :) !!

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