The beginning // part 2

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"Ahem, let's have a short quiz for you while we are on our way back!"

"Hmm alright"

"So let me test you .. what is her name and her background and what is your job to her"

"Easy! Her name is lady hae soo, she is the cousin of the eighth prince's wife and i am her maid, chae-ryung!" Ahh now i am getting some information.

"Correct! Now what about me , my background and your job to me"

"Your name is lady hae yong, you are also the cousin of eighth's prince wife and you grew up together with lady hae soo. I am also your maid!"

"Correct! Now what are the names of the princes and their character, also who is the king and what dynasty is this?"

"Crown prince moo, i am not not too sure. Wang yo is the third prince and he is a little scary. Wang so is the fourth and is known as wolf-dog and he kills many people. Wang wook is the eighth and he is a very gentle guy who treats your cousin very well. Wang won is the ninth. Wang eun is the tenth and he is like a child. Wang baek-ah is the thirteenth who has a talent in music and all the women's favourite and last but not least wang jung who is the fourteenth and loves martial arts. King taejo and the goryeo dynasty."

Ahh i guess it's enough info for now, im kind if excited to meet the prince especially the fourth and fourteenth, they seem to like martial arts even if the fourth kills people, he must be strong to be a ble to do so and have others fear him...

"Chae-ryung ah, indeed your such a smart girl!"

"Heh heh .. ah! We arrived at the eighth prince's . Lady soo!" I guess that is our cousin..

"Hae yong ah, are you okay? what happen to hae soo?" She seems like a nice and caring person but why does she look so pale ..

"I'm fine unnie, hae soo fainted and knocked onto her head slightly, she'll be fine, not to worry"

"Glad that your okay, anyways let's get hae soo to bed first" with that , we headed to her room. Wahh this place sure is big ..

After placing hae soo down, i head to the toilet after asking around. I sat down and thought, what to do .. so far the only people that i have actually talked with, are nice people but i don't want to get too close ..

I don't want a repeat of history .

*Basically, this is about your background as well, with a little twist :

Flashbacks of my family having fun with me appeared then suddenly, it skipped to a house on fire and i was in the room, when i looked for my parents and siblings, i realised that all their belongings are gone.

They were already packed and ready to leave and i was the one that they threw away. With no house, no money and nobody.

I was scared to get too close with anyone anymore.. except for ha jin, she's just like a younger sister to me, she just has a way to my heart.

After the incident, i went to look for many part time jobs, including painting of nails, being a hair dresser and of course the one job that requires me to spill some blood, underground fights.. where people place bets on who would win and so far i didn't dare to lose once as it was my biggest ricebowl.

I had a passion in martial arts however the passion slowly faded as i only fought to win and not for enjoyment anymore.

But i'm looking forward to meeting people here like wang ..jung who is interested in martial arts, someone who might have a spar with me instead of wanting to kill me to win some money..

Ahh it's time to go back to hae soo, it's weird calling her that but i guess i have to get used to it. Once i arrived back at the place, i saw her panicking.

Immediately i rushed to her and hugged her and patted her while telling her everything is fine and it's going to be alright. She did calm down slightly, i then turn to lady hae.

"Unnie do you mind letting us have some time alone please, she'll be fine". She then nods her head and got chae-ryung to leave with her. "Thankyou unnie".

I then turn to hae soo "what do you know? There's just the two of us here now".

"That i am hae soo and you are hae yong and that the lady is our cousin".

"Correct and there is more, i know it's hard to accept but i know that you are a strong girl, listen to me and let's live through this alright? Your not alone."

She then looks up at me and nods her head slowly. I then started telling her everything j know while comforting and encouraging her as well .

To be continued ...

*Ps , sorry if your not someone who is interested in martial arts but this will be a link to you and the beloved fourth prince :)

*Ps again, slight spoiler for the story, the man with the earrings who was sitting on the chair will also be involved with hae yong as well and those who watched the drama already would know who that is :)

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