Episode 2 // part 2

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I look up to see... wang yo.

"You sure am an interesting beauty" he says. Wow, he is very direct and upfront.

"Erm, i'll take that as a compliment and say thank you but i'll be taking my leave now" i bow slightly then walked away.

He then grabs onto my hand and says, "i'll look forward to seeing you soon".

I look at him puzzled and just gave a nod and left. I finally caught up to them both, i was going to call out to them when Soo saw our cousin and shouts for her, then ran to help her and walked away.

"You can come out now" he says to no one in particular. Was he referring to me? I'm indeed the only one here i guess.

"Why were you hiding?" He asks then turns around to face me.

"I was not hiding, i was about to call out to the both of you when she ran to our cousin."

"And you didn't follow because?"

I then started walking in no particular direction and surprisingly enough, he followed.

"You sure are finally talking more, not that i mind, i'm just saying. I didn't follow as i'm not as close to my cousin compared to how Soo is" well i guess i'm not lying totally, i know that she can easily make her way into my heart as someone important to me if i get close to her. I'm scared of that and thus i'm keeping a distance.

"Hmm i see" he says but it seems like he does not believe totally.

"By the way, thanks for helping to stop hae soo just now" i said to change the topic.

"It was nothing, but you know that the both of you are going to get into trouble for even touching the prince right?"

"I know, we know but honestly speaking i don't really care as for hae soo, i can just say that it was not her but me."

"... your either very stupid or very thoughtful"

"I'll choose thoughtful instead, thank you"

He laughs slightly and says "your welcome"

Then i saw hae soo and our cousin standing in the middle of many piles of rocks. From where we were standing, we could hear what they were saying clearly.

He was going to continue walking in that direction when i pulled him back, he turns and ask " aren't you going to approach them?" I shake my head and just stand there watching and listening.

I heard soo asking for our cousin's help as she injured the prince's face and i was involved as well. Then suddenly the topic of their conversation was on the piles of rocks.

She said that the mothers of songak come here to pray for the well-being of their children. She then asks Soo if she has thought about why she comes here even though she does not have any children due to her health.

Ah... thats why she was so pale the first time i saw her.

She then says that she is building it for Soo and me and that when we first came to this house, when she knew we will grow up with just each other and we had no mother. So she has never considered us as her younger cousins, she thought of us as her own children. The both of them then started crying while our cousin hugs Soo and comforts her.

"Mom, my mom" Soo says while crying.

Soo ah... Even though i tried to create a distance, hearing all these is not helping at all. I know that i already have a soft spot for our cousin now. Mom... can i even have one? My real one abandoned me, not just her but the whole family...

"Hey... are you crying as well?" Wang so says. I then felt wetness on my cheeks and eyes, i reached up to touch and realised that i was in fact crying too.

I lowered my head,not wanting him to see me crying and covered my mouth so that no sound can be heard and squatted down.

"Hey stand up" i didn't and all of a sudden i felt him pulling me up and scoops me up in a princess/bridal style carry. I look at him but he says nothing.

After walking a very short distance, we arrive at somewhere that had no one around and it was very peaceful and quiet. He then puts me down on a chair and sits beside me. Just then, he did the unexpected... he gently laid my head against his shoulder and pat my shoulder lightly but very awkwardly.

Oh god, he's making my heart beat faster.

" you didn't approach not because you aren't as close to her as hae soo is but because you are scared to get close.. am i right?" He says.

How? Was it that obvious?

"And what makes you say that?"

"You looked ready to run towards them and hug them just now but also very obviously controlling yourself not to, your body's actions and facial expression gave you away."

Ah guess there is no use keeping a secret about this anymore. "I hate to admit, but you're right"


I look up at him and realises that his face is really near mine. We stare into each other's eye when i turn away and answered his question, i don't know why but it feels like i can tell him almost everything and he'll understand me.

"Honestly speaking, i'm afraid of letting people become close to me.. because all those who have been close to me, all left, all including my entire family. They abandoned me. I picked up martial arts half due to hobby but half to protect myself since i'm alone and can't really rely on anyone to protect me. I know my cousin's a very kind and gentle person which means she can easily become someone i hold dear and important. The lesser people who i let in, the lesser the pain"

"You are not alone, i was abandoned too. I fought and kill just to survive, i guess we are similar."

This guy... we experienced and went through the same things. I look at him and can't help but wonder about his mask.

"Don't mind me asking, but why do you cover your face?" I felt him tense up at my words.

"You don't have to say anything if you don't wan-"

"My mom, she left a scar on my face when the king was to remarry"

"Ahh.. that must have hurt. Well, look on the bright side, scars are evidences of fights that you have won or conquered."

He looks at me stunned, "you don't find them to be ugly? Or disgusting?"

"What for? Besides, looking at one will not even affect me in any way . Looking at it won't injured me physically, will it? And looks isn't necessary everything, what matters most is the interior." I turn to look at him and sees that he is still stunned.

"You really are ...different" he says very softly.

Wang so.. Has he been shunned away by people just because of his scar?

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