Episode 3 // part 2

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A few days later
My ankle has fully recovered, these few days, surprisingly, quite a few people came to visit me. Hae soo came frequently with wang wook, sometimes with lady hae. Wang yo came a few times and it was super awkward. Wang so came every night and always left with a kiss to my forehead. During these few days, we actually opened up to each other quite a lot. He was also there whenever i had my nightmares to calm me down. Slowly but surely, i'm falling for him already...

Now, chae-ryung, hae soo and i are waiting for the arrival of wang eun due to us getting into a fight with him previously. He finally arrives and after he told all of the others to leave just the three of us alone, he told us that we were supposed to be dealt with a punishment however he spoke up for us, so there was none.

His actions seem to be as if he likes hae soo. Hae soo looks at me and i knew she was thinking the same thing as me. It can't be, that he will say " your the first girl to ever treat me this way " , right?

WRONG. The first thing he said to hae soo after my thoughts were " your the first girl to ever treat me this way ". So they used this line for a thousand years? After a while, hae soo then agrees to wang eun visiting her as much as he wants. Wang eun also asked me to teach him some easy martial arts that he can learn and to play with them as well when he comes to visit. He's quite a cute little guy once you get to know him.

I then left to my own room, tying my hair up into a bun and wore a mask that covered just the bottom half of my face. Changing into commoners clothes i left to venture out onto the streets.

3rd person pov
Baek ah was dressed as a commoner drawing when he heard a commotion and when he walked towards the crowd . It turns out it was a street fight "match" where it turns out wang jung was also dressed in a commoners outfit and sparring. The guy jung was against, was in so much pain after the finishing kick tht jung gave, he couldn't get up and continue sitting on the floor . Jung roars victoriously and ask for any more challenges, he only asked once and there was a challenger stepping up. The person looked real petite though.

"You sure you wanna go up against me?" Jung asks. The person just nods and proceeds to a fighting stance. Jung shakes his head then says" alright then, but don't cry when you lose badly ".

He then charges towards the person, throwing a punch but "he" just dodges easily and counters back with a solid punch to jung's stomach causing him to stumble backwards. Jung was stunned for a few seconds before smirking and charged blindly once again. He aims a punch to the person's chest but it was just a fake. He then tries to push-kick the person's stomach. But "he" was much faster, stepping to the side, he dodges the kick and grabs jung's leg instead. Then using the other leg to hook onto the back of jung's leg that "he" was not grabbing and grabs jung's neck and pushes jung down to the ground.

Sitting on jung, "he" then says " you lost ". After that when "he" stood up and extended a hand to help jung up, jung grabs the mask and pulls it down instead.

"Hae yong?!" Was what jung wanted to say however it was not him who said it. He then turns to look at the person who shouted what he was thinking even before he can say anything and he saw baek-ah, "Hyung!". He then turns back to hae yong to see her scratching the back of her head sheepishly. He grabs her hand and stood up and both went to find baek-ah.

Turns out baek-ah was asked to draw about the lives of the citizens by the king while jung snuck out to play. Jung then kept asking for baek-ah to remove the page where he drew jung fighting. In the end he succeeded in taking baek-ah's book, tearing out the page and ran away. Yong then returns to the eighth prince's residence.

Yong's pov
After a nice shower, i met up with Soo and we walked around. We saw lady hae, our cousin, passing many clothes to the servant. When asked why, she told us that it was to donate to the villagers and we also asked her why did she not go along as the Wook and some servants are already distributing at the streets.

We then decided to doll her up and get her to go as well. Soo was quite a talented makeup artist in our era and i worked as a fashion co-ordinater as well where i help people to coordinate their outfits. So Soo did her makeup while i chose her outfit and her accessories to go along with the makeup.

After reaching and distributing to the villagers a group of kids were next in line. One boy actually took the food in the small girl's hand and ran away. Soo and i chased after him and i got to him first, i then lifted him up and carried him. Soo arrived and told him that it is not right to steal other people's belongings and made him promised to not do it again which he agreed and returned the food to the girl. I then gave him a peck on the cheek and put him down, he turned and say goodbye and left to his group of friends. I have to admit, i have a very soft spot for kids, as you can see.

When i went to find Soo, i found her in a herbs shop with Wook and they were talking quite intimately. Soo ah ... i hope she knows what she's doing.

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