Episode 2 // part 3

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After that, we walked back to the place where we last saw hae soo. Surprisingly but thankfully she's still there.

"I guess i'll be going then" wang so says.

As he turn to leave, i did something that i know i will definitely regret straight after. I hugged him from behind and said thank you. I then left and went to hae soo hurriedly.

"Soo ah, why are you still here?"

She turns to me, "still? Unnie, you saw me here just now? "

Oh crap, slip of tongue. Oh well, i never really hid things from hae soo anyways.
"Yeah, i was nearby just now."

"So you didn't come because you still wanna keep a distance with our cousin?"

I nodded my head.

"Unnie... i feel like a burden. Everyone is just being good to be while i'm a nuisance. I want to return, my mother must be waiting."

"Silly girl, you're never a burden neither a nuisance, don't ever think like that again. Don't think too much, when the time's right we will return once again" i say while hugging her to comfort her.

"Thank you unnie"

Just then, chae ryung comes running to us, again. It seems like we are making her exercise a lot.

"Agasshi! Where have the both of you been?!" She then says that she thinks that we need a bath.

Just as she said that, i knew from Soo's sudden change in expression that she has some plan in mind.

And bingo! Soo wants to go back to the place where we first came from, the bathing place or something. We then left when chae ryung said she left to prepare the baths for us.

We arrived and dived deep down. Ah... it's no use, there's no way of going back. I searched for a little while more and stood up, taking deep breaths. I turn to look for Soo just to find her grabbed by the neck and the one grabbing her was wang so, without his mask. He saw me but he averted his eyes back to Soo.

"Forget me, erase it all. If you don't, your face will become like this too" he says then lets go of her and got up and went away.

I noticed something dropped when he grabbed his clothes...

I hurriedly went to Soo to make sure she's alright. After coughing a few times and me patting her back, she said she was fine already. I then went to pick up the thing that fell and turns out it was a beautiful hair piece.

We heard the voices of some servants saying that they are going to come and clean up so we left quickly and walked back to the eighth prince's residence.

We saw many people standing at the door and chae ryung was the first to run up to us. I swear we are really making her exercise.

Soo asked if they were all waiting for us. Our cousin asked where we were and we replied that we went to take a bath as we were too dirty.

"You should have told us where the both of you went then, the whole family was worried"

"Family..?" Soo says.

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