Episode 4 // part 2

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After a few days, my back has healed almost completely and was taking a walk around the gardens in my quarters with Soo. While staring at the flowers on the side, i realised that Soo seemed to jump to a stop suddenly, i turned around to surprisingly see So in front of the both of us.

Soo then feigns to be in pain and holds onto her head. So however plainly states that it was Soo who bumped into him though. After awhile, he just said "Whatever, i came to find Yong".


Ok, i'm starting to turn into some fangirl now, i need to stop.

Soo then rolls her eyes and held a mischievous glint, she turns to say goodbye to me, gave me a long kiss on my cheek and a big tight hug while ending off with a merong directed to So. Catching on to what she is doing, she thinks that So will get jealous because of this? It ain't gonna work.

Now looking at So, he stood there dumbfounded after a while he just narrowed his eyes and looked away a little annoyed. Can't be... is he jealous?

He then says "Where's my thank you then?"

Being a little cheeky, i gave him a tight hug, got on my tippytoes to give him a peck to the cheek as well and whispers softly beside his ear "Thankyou".

So blushed, however it was so slight that you would have miss it if you weren't observing closely. Well, i for sure did not missed it and internally thought about how cute he was when he was blushing.

Feeling more confident in teasing him, i pinched his cheeks and pulled on them a little. "Is the almighty fourth prince blushing?"

He then grabs both my wrists to try to make me stop and grunts out "Stop it" while trying to be threatening, but was actually failing quite miserably.

I finally let go after i deemed that it was enough and let out a sigh.

"Seriously, she belongs to me? How misleading will that be to the others?" I said while trying to cover up a blush i could feel was forming as i remembered him saying it a few days ago.

Catching my blush, the tables turned and it was So's turn to disturb me.

So then smirks and says,"Isn't it the truth?". It was no use trying to hide my blush any longer, seeing how i feel my cheeks heating up more after hearing what he said. I turned my face to side instead.

So grabs my chin lightly to turn and face him, then tilting my chin up a little, he then said"Is the tough Lady HaeYong blushing now?"

After that whole teasing drama ended, chaeryung, Soo and i were out in the streets walking around and doing some small shopping. When suddenly at the corner of my eyes, i saw a group of men dragging someone. But what really caught my attention was that the one being dragged was actually the 14th prince. I then quickly turned to chaeryung and told her to get the eighth prince to seek help. I asked Soo to go back with chaeryung as well however she refused and i didn't really wanted to waste any more time and agreed to her coming with me very reluctantly.

We finally chased up and saw that the group of thugs were surrounding Jung ( the 14th prince ) and beating him up. One of them were preparing to even slash him, i quickly told Soo to stay hidden and i dashed out to kick the sword upwards. Punching the guy in the stomach, i squatted down and swiped out my leg to made him fall, then catches the sword by its handle in mid-air when it was falling.

Moving to stand protectively in front of Jung with the sword pointing at them, i dared any of them to come closer. They looked hesitant for a while until someone whom i assumed is the leader, shouted "Fools! We have way more people than them, what are you scared of?!"

They were prepared to come when the sounds of the hooves of horses were hurt coming towards us. All of us turned into the direction of the sound and saw Wook on a horse coming towards us. He then jumped down and surprisingly took down about 10 people on his own but of course, receiving a few injuries but nothing too severe. I saw a few of them sneaking up behind me and Jung, so i turned and took down those few as well.

However, it seemed as if no matter how many we take down, there's still more. Tch, i guess we're in legit trouble now. Just then, another horse could be heard coming in our direction and all of us turned our heads to look at the new addition that just arrived. Guess who came? So did!

Many of the thugs seemed to back away quite a bit while some were just saying the words "wolf dog" with so much fear. After some threatens made by So, all of them ran off.

After awhile, Jung turns to me and seriously said "You saved my arm, so i'll remember that, your life will be like my own life".

Oh would you look at that? Someone's slowly turning into a man.

I gave him a side hug and said "Aigoo, your already so reliable and strong, you'll be a great man soon" and pats his head.

I then realised the awkward silence and the fact that all the men were looking at me strangely.

Ah! I quickly apologise for touching a prince so casually when So clears his throat and frowned. I then tried to cover up by saying "Erm... you just reminded me of my younger brother"

Jung then replied"It's- it's okay! HaeYong...sister? "

So then exclaims, quite loudly "Sister?! "

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