Episode 2 // part 1

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Your pov

"Agasshi! Agasshi! Princess yeon hwa has been looking all over the place for the both of you! " chae ryung says as she runs towards us. We then speed-walked back.

Chae-ryung held onto a tray full of cups while the two of us followed her into the room...full of princes. Hae soo then starts to sneakily hide behind the pillars. What is that girl doing, she looks so funny hahaha!

I hope she knows that almost everyone has already noticed her. I then felt someone looking at me.. i turned and saw that it was the same guy again. The one who locked eyes with me when we first arrived, the one with the earrings.

I stare at him blankly while he smirks slightly at me. Okay, that is not weird at all right? I then decided to turn my head away and guess who i locked eyes with now? Wang so. I gave him a smile and a slight nod in thanks for saving me just now. He seemed to give a slight nod and turned away.

Then this little guy asked if he has seen her before and says out loud that we were the ones who were spying on the princes while they were taking a bath the previous time.

When soo strongly says that it wasn't us she bumped into chae ryung and the tray was about to flip when i reached out and grabbed it. Phew, thank god none of the cups dropped. When i looked up all eyes were on me. Soo ran out and i was about to go after her when...

"Hae ..yong, was it? How are your reflexes so quick? Do you perhaps know martial arts?" The guy with the earrings ask.

"To answer your question, i do know martial arts and my name is indeed haeyong, wang...?"

"Wang yo"

I nodded my head, "i'll take my leave then" and i left, going after soo.

Once i met up with her, she started whining about the prince just now.

"Gosh that little guy"

I laughed at her reaction, "it's fine soo ah, i'll protect you like a proper charming prince you know" i said with a wink and a nudge to her shoulder at the end. She laughs out loud and i joined in.

We were walking around for awhile hand in hand when we saw the little guy from just now sneaking around and staring at something from the door. Aish that sneaky lil guy, he's definitely peeking at the girl inside. Right on cue, someone screamed and it was coming from the room the guy was standing at.

He tried to run but we stopped him instead and guess who was the unlucky girl who got peeped at? Our beloved chae ryung, now i'm definitely not letting him escape.

He denied when we asked him, "Do you actually think i'll spy on a servant wench like her? "

Again, wench again?

He then walks to chae ryung and asks "Are you certain tht it was me? "

Chae ryung didn't dare to speak up and said that she didn't get a good look.

He then smiles and was prepared to just walk pass us, but we blocked his way and soo said that chae ryung didn't but we saw it clearly and asked for him to apologise.

"Apologise? Are you telling me , a prince to lower myself in front of a servant? There is no such law in this nation! Move! "

Soo chases and i followed behind her, she then grabs onto him.

"Seriously your the size of a rice grain" he says then flings soo to the floor. Oh my, he did not just?!

I then grabbed him and flings him to the floor. "Don't ever hurt hae soo"

"You!!" He then stands up but Soo grabs onto him and he did the same and they spun in circles.

I guess we were too loud seeing how many servants were staring and the princes and yeonhwa that arrived except for... wang so, i wonder where he is.

Seeing how they were still turning round and round, i guess i've let them played for too long. I then went to separate them and put the guy in a rear naked choke (rnc**) very loosely to not hurt him but just restrain him.

"You pervert!" Soo shouts.

"You lewd wenches!" He shouts too, while struggling to get out, "how are you so strong?! Let me go! "

Then, before i could process anything, Soo headbutts the guy and says " people like you need to have some sense beaten into you, asking haeyong to do it will be too harsh so i'm doing it myself".

She raised her sleeve and was about to slap him but someone grab onto her arm instead. Wang so. "That's enough" he says.

The guy started struggling when wang wook stops him, i let go of him then he stomped away. Wang so then lets go of Soo's arm. Everyone then dispersed and wang so walks away but soo chased after, i was going to follow when someone came into view and blocked me.

I looked up to see...

** RNC - The attacker's left arm encircles the opponent's neck. The attacker's left hand then grasps his own upper right arm [biceps]. The right hand is placed behind the opponent's head. If it's still hard to understand and you are interested you can google for images instead !! :)

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