Episode 2 // part 4

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"People.. many people were killed.." Soo says shakily.

"What? Where? " both princes ask.

She then points to the direction where we saw the slaughtering taking place at.
"I can lead all of you there, Soo should rest. My cut isn't that deep as well"

"Unnie...i'm sorry" i smiled at her and told her that it's alright.

Wang wook then says" lead the way then yong ah, i'm sorry to have to trouble you like that" . I told him that it was fine and led them there.

When we arrived, the bodies weren't there anymore but the blood stains are still there. I left wang wook and wang so to discuss while Soo and i rest at one corner.

After awhile, it was time to go home. Wang wook asked for Soo to get on his horse and was looking for someone to fetch me back as well.

"She can get on my horse" wang so says.

Wang wook looked kind of surprised hearing that but still said his thanks to wang so.

He helped to carry me up on the horse and i had no choice but to sit sideways due to the cut and i had to lean close to his body so that i will not fall off then we headed back.

On the way back, I then placed my head on his chest, he tensed up slightly but didn't say anything or pushed me away. That's a good sign right? Ahh the injuries must be making my mind crazy.

"I'm sorry and thank you" i say to him while closing my eyes to take a short rest.

"What for?"

"I'm sorry for interrupting and ruining your chance to get something out of the masked guy. Also i thank you for letting Soo go without causing any harm. However please do not touch or hurt Soo in any way. She is someone very important to me."

"Its nothing much and sadly i cannot guarantee i will not as i won't know if she will do things that angers me in the future. However i won't hurt her if she doesn't do anything to make me mad."

"I guess that's good enough. By the way, i suddenly remembered that the mastermind or the 'boss' of the masked men was wearing a fur coat."

"Fur coat?! Are you sure about this?"

"101% sure, now if you'll excuse me, i'll be taking a short nap now. Please do not drop me halfway through and you can have the honours of waking me up when we reach" i said with a smile and went to sleep.

Right before i dozed off, i'm pretty sure i heard him laugh slightly. I don't understand how is this guy as bad as people say. From what i see, he's not.

- Andddd thats the end for episode 2 ! Thank you for reading :) -

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