Episode 4 // part 1

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"Nothing beats having night strolls with you, Soo ah" i said softly with my arms link with hers.


I looked to Soo , the both of us having the same thought in our minds. What was that?... We were both curious so we headed to the direction of the scream.

So was wrecking the towers of stones where our cousin comes to pray and wish. I immediately asked Soo to go back to her room, which she complied albeit hesitatingly.

I walked to So and gently but firmly hug him from the back, trapping his arms to his side preventing him from further wrecking the stones and whispers in his ear for him to calm down. He flailed around for a while before he finally calm down and holds onto my arms while we both collapsed to the ground with tears streaming down his face.

Upon looking at his hands now, it was full of blood from all the cuts and scrapes. Making a mental note to remember to help me patch up after he's fully calmed down.

"I'm telling you that i killed people" So suddenly states.

Finally able to understand a little as to his why he was breaking down, i calmly replied," then tell me why you did it".

He was speechless and after some excruciatingly silent moments, he finally relaxes into my arms fully and laid his head on my shoulders.

"You are just so different"So mutters.

Not really knowing how to react to that statement, i just gave a small smile and said a little teasingly" why thankyou ". He lets out a low chuckle and started to stand up and says " it's getting late, you should get some rest.

I grab his hand and let him to my room where there were still some leftovers medical herbs. After setting him down on the chair i went to work and cleaned his wounds before dressing them. Noticing that his face was a little dirty, i grabbed my napkin and lightly cleaned his face. All the while, i could feel his piercing gaze on me.

After all that, he went back to his room after giving me a peck on the forehead as a sign of gratitude i guess.

The next day~
Once again, me and my beloved Soo ah were just walking around together when we saw chae ryung with her hands tied up and whipped with a cane on her back, i think i even saw some blood on her back. All the while, little miss princess yeon hwa was observing with a small smile on her filthy little face.

The both of us rushed over and i grab onto the arm of theservant who was whipping chaeryung and twisted it behind her back while Soo stood in front of chaeryung to protect her.

In my mind, i was thinking of the different reasons why chaeryung was punished by the princess out of all people and was brought out of my thoughts when i heard Soo exclaiming that she was the one to put the hairpin in So's room and asked to be whipped instead of chaeryung. Ahh, now it's all making sense.

Just when the princess ordered the servants to tie Soo up after asking them to remove chaeryung down, i let go of the servant's arm i was unconsciously still holding onto and went to step infront of Soo with my arms out to protect her.

As i knew that she was going to protest about it, i tilted my head to the side and whisper to her to not interfere and bring chaeryung to tend to her injuries now. She reluctantly complied and left begrudgingly with chaeryung while the both of them kept taking glances back at me and i smiled at them reassuringly once i noticed.

"I am willing to take the punishment instead of them, however, there is no need to tie my arms up as i will not retaliate even in the slightest. And i'm pretty damn sure that i can take anything you cowards can throw at me. Is little miss princess afraid of getting her hands dirty? And you servants who listen to everything she says cause your too damn afraid even knowing that it's not right, have you no minds on your own to think? " i growled out while staring menacingly at them seeing how most of them backed off, i'm guessing that it worked.

I have always despised those who knows what is right and wrong but are too selfish as they only care for themselves, their safety and well-being and just willingly watch or do what they already know is wrong.

Miss princess, being the little bitch ( i apologise to those who doesn't like such words but please get used to it 😅) she is, just scoffs and rolls her eyes.

"Fine then, i'll show you that i'm nt afraid of getting my hands dirty by whipping you myself"

I smirked and just said "come at me bitch", considering what i went through in my life before i was transported here, this was just child's game. The servants then crowded around me, i guess to ensure that i will not run. Hah, as if i would. Then one servant came to stand on each of my side and grabbed my shoulders. What a drag...

I merely just turned around to show my back to her and waited for the first blow. Once it landed, it took a little while for the pain to hit me. But like i said, this was nothing i can't handle. She continues with her strikes, each time hitting harder and harder seeing how i wasn't even flinching or whimpering in the slightest.

I felt some movement to my left and turned my head to that direction. To my surprise, the 3rd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th and 14th princes were walking and came to a stop looking at my predicament. I merely smiled at them and waved a little. All of their faces were stunned which i understand if i was them, i would be shocked too.

The blows weren't stopping even in the slightest all the while, i saw the 3rd( Yo ) , 8th ( Wook ) and 10th prince ( Eun ) taking a step forward until it suddenly came to a halt, i turned around to see...........So holding onto her arm.

"She belongs to me" was what he said.


For once, the princess and i had similar thoughts seeing as to how she voiced out what i was thinking about.

"What did you just say?"

He seems to not be affected at all and just said "That hairpin is mine, i should be the one who decides what to do with her"

Eun runs in and stands in front of me with his arms out and said "Yong did not steal it , i saw her pick it up! "

Leaving the princess speechless, "Eun, even you?"

The eighth prince then said in a loud voice,"Let go of lady hae yong and move away from her!".

Seeing how nobody was moving, surprisingly, the 3rd prince shouted out "NOW!" Immediately i was released all servants were standing far away from me.

Okay, this was not what i expected, hell i wasn't some damsel in distress! But i can't deny that happiness in me seeing as to how these few people truly cared about me.

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