Back away from my him

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As Miss Peregrine loaded all of the children's luggage onto the small boats everyone put on their life jackets for safety, Autumn helped the younger children with fastening theirs  as they rowed along the ocean in search of the boy with dark curls. As the group got to shore they all grabbed their suitcases and put the lifejackets in the boats, they finally reached the entrance of the circus tent. Bronwyn stood as Horace climbed on top of her shoulders, then Autumn, she peered into the small opening in the tent and saw an operating table where Enoch was tied down with restraints, she saw that he was trying to escape, it brought a tear to her eye seeing him struggle like that, she hated to see her boyfriend upset. Miss Peregrine guided the children into the circus, holding her trusty crossbow close, as they all ducked down, trying to stay unnoticed, they managed to spot Enoch as Autumn had before, he looked to be unharmed except for a few bumps and bruises. "Baron! Let him go and I won't harm you" Miss Peregrine shouted to Baron who was mixing chemicals on a table, he cooly turned around and simply said, "and if I don't, what'll you do?" "I'll end you". Baron transformed his hand into an axe and swung at her, she ducked and shot an arrow into his leg, he cried out in pain causing Miss Peregrine to run and help Enoch, she unbuckled his restraints and helped him down, the children ran out of the tent as Miss P helped Enoch to the shore, they all left the beach, and were lucky that Baron was defenseless therefore he didn't go after them. As they rowed back Enoch held Autumn in his arms, he missed her touch, once they all got back it was nearly night time, everyone was too tired to watch the reset so Miss P just reset the day by herself and walked back inside, for the rest of the night Autumn and Enoch laid in each other's arms, glad to have one another back.

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