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Enoch's p.o.v
Love. It's something that I'm in, she's just too ignorant to realize.
"Enoch, please come out of their, we're going for our afternoon walk" Enoch looked up for a second from his work and looked at the door, "well you can tell them I'm not coming" Autumn gave up from her pleas and her head hit the door with a small thunk. "Just at least tell me what's wrong, you've stopped talking to me" Enoch looked down and sighed, putting his head in his hands, he shot up from his chair and threw open the door, "I love you" he simply stated quietly walking past her, Autumn stood their in shock, he's never said that before. Enoch sat underneath the tree in the yard, reading one of his many books, "I love you too" Autumn said standing next to him, he looked up and stared at her dumbfounded, he set the book down and stood up, his height increasing, he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer putting both hands on her cheeks, passionately kissing her, they suddenly broke away from hearing cheering from upstairs, the other children jumping up and down in excitement. "I love you" Enoch finished from earlier, "I love you too" she said pecking him on the cheek before walking back in the house.

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