Lazy Days are wonderful

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"Morning Mister grumpy pants" Autumn said to a half asleep Enoch,"why are you bothering me at this hour, Autumn" she giggled slightly and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, "well I thought about something we could do" Autumn said looking into his eyes, suddenly he shot up out of the bed knowing what she meant. "I thought that since we both need a shower this morning we could, y'know" she said as her hand slowly traveled up his arm to caress his cheek, he pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss as they walked into the bathroom still locking lips.
"I haven't felt that good in a while babe" Enoch said in his thick accent, "well you're welcome, I felt pretty great too" she said blushing,
her hair turning a slight pink. "For having a 'useless' peculiarity, it sure makes you look that much prettier" he said with a warm smile spread across his lips, hand went to her cheek stroking it with his thumb, "thank you" Autumn said with a smile. The rest of the day was spent cuddling, sleeping, and only going downstairs for food.

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