Come back

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"Enoch, no!!" Autumn screamed at the boy, seeing the hallow's slithering shadow on the wall, leaning in towards Enoch's head. He had turned around too late and was picked up and thrown around the room, the monsters tongue slipped in his eyes and pulled them out, dropping his lifeless body to the floor. "No!!" Autumn screamed as she rushed to his side and pulled his body to hers, tears streaming down her face.... "ENOCH!!" Autumn bolted upright in their bed, sweat dripping down her face, sticking her hair to her cheeks, "What?!" He yelled back nearly jumping out of his skin, "what's the matter?" "I had a nightmare, it was horrible" she said a few tears slipping down her cheeks. "It's ok, love" "no it's not Enoch! You were killed by a hallow!!" Enoch's face suddenly saddened as she explained her dream, "well it's not real, I'm still here, yeah?" As he said this she saw the familiar shadow of the monster inching its way towards them, "Enoch it's behind you!!" The monster picked him up and instead of killing him on the spot, it dragged him out and into the darkness of the night. Autumn sat there in her bed, tears running down, thinking of what to do....

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