Life's too short to be a bore

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After the children had finished their breakfast it was time for the daily chores, Autumn's consisted of: making her bed, and mainly doing the dishes, after she and Enoch were done Autumn dragged Enoch outside to read and watch the children. "Why do I have to come out here with you? I never come out here!" Autumn rolled her eyes still dragging Enoch by the hand, "yeah I know you never come out of your room because you're a vampire you pale creeper" "yeah but I'm YOUR vampire, love". Autumn smiled and giggled slightly, "this spot looks good" she said as she plopped down by a tree and leaned against it, Enoch laid down horizontally across her and put his head in her lap, she held the book with her left hand and the other played with Enoch's hair. Enoch had to admit though the sky was a beautiful shade of blue today and admitted that he probably should get out more. As the sky started to get darker Miss Peregrine called all the children to come back inside, Autumn and Enoch walked back inside and hugged the children goodnight and walked up to their room, Autumn had noticed that Enoch was getting friendlier with the children and showing more affection, it warmed her heart. Autumn put on her white, silky nightgown and crawled underneath the fluffy, beige covers, Enoch crawled next to her kissing her lightly on the nose, "it still surprises me that you convinced Miss P to let us share a room." Enoch smirked slightly, "well I've never asked her for much over the time period I've stayed with her, so it wasn't really a problem" "well that was nice of her to do that for us" Autumn said as she gave him a tired smile, "I love you, Enoch" "I love you too Autumn, in every way possible" as Enoch said that they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

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