Bring him back

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Miss Peregrine and the rest of the peculiar children searched outside the house and in the garden for any signs of Enoch, he was nowhere to be found, Autumn started to panic. She sat in the garden with her knees pulled up to her chest and began to cry, Emma walked over to her and wrapped her arms around her, "it's going to be ok Autumn, we'll find him" Autumn sniffles and looked up, "I hope you're right, as she said that a blood curdling scream was heard throughout the area, "that's him!! That's gotta be him!!" The two girls warned the others and they all headed towards the scream, they all sprinted towards the woods where the scream was heard, they all saw Enoch laying under a small tree and a small gash near his left leg, "Bronwyn! Can you get the tree off of him" Miss Peregrine told the small girl, she dragged the tree off of his leg, moving it out of the way. Autumn rushed to his side hugging him while small sobs wracked her body, "I-I thought y-you were dead" she said between sobs, "you know I would never leave you Autumn" "alright children let's help Enoch back to the house now" Miss Peregrine commanded.
  As they arrived back at the house Autumn brought him back to his room and started to sew up his wound, "you scared me to death you know" "I know, but I'll always come back for you, I love you Autumn, I always will" as she stitched up the last wound she kissed him lightly on the nose, he held her sweetly in his arms as she fell into a deep sleep.

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