Why does this keep happening?

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Autumn rolled over in the creaky bed expecting to see a certain curly-headed boy, but instead she found slightly cold sheets from the loss of body heat, "Enoch?" She called out, and began searching the room for Enoch, having no luck in the house she ran outside in search of her boyfriend. Having searched practically everywhere, Autumn sunk to her knees in defeat, crying into her hands, "can't somebody just let me live in peace?" She cried out as she began to get up and walk back inside, head hung low. "Where could he have gone too?!" Miss Peregrine asked frantically, still searching for Enoch, or his remains, "I'm not sure Miss P, he could be anywhere" Autumn replied discouraged, "maybe I could help you with some of my dreams" Horace said as he put on his monocle-like eye piece and sat in his chair in front of the screen, they all gathered around and watched as an image of Enoch being experimented on appeared. "That looks like he was taken back to the circus in blackpool!!" Emma exclaimed, "well it looks like we're going to have to go on another journey children, pack your bags, we're going to blackpool".

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