Waking up to bright light

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Peculiarity:mood changing hair

  As she woke up her hair glowed a faint pink then faded back to its natural dirty blonde color, she leaned over in the beige sheets kissing the raven-headed boy's cheek. She quickly tiptoed to her rosewood dresser, stepping past organ-filled jars in the process. She grabbed her nightgown and undergarments and threw them on, quickly brushing her hair and teeth, she peeked through the small crack in the door, she watched as he stirred and eventually sat up in the slightly creaky bed. "Baby?" He called out to her, "in the bathroom, give me a minute!" She adjusted her clothes and opened the bathroom door. He smiled warmly at her through pink, plump lips, "hi love", she grinned and walked over to him, sitting on his lap. He carefully placed his arms around her as if she were glass and slowly kissed her lips. "Your lips taste like cherries", she said to him, "that's interesting, last night you said they tasted like heaven, I'm a little hurt". She giggled and kissed him sweetly again, "we should get some clothes on before we're late for breakfast" Autumn nodded while getting up, the couple still attached at the lips. Enoch picked up the scattered clothes from the night before and threw them in a pamper to be washed, while Autumn put on her satin maroon dress, throwing Enoch clean clothes in the process, he kissed her cheek as the two now walked downstairs holding hands, Autumn's hair now a bright yellow. "Oh Autumn! Your so amazing, I love you so much!" Hugh mimicked Enoch's words from last night as they sat down at the table, they could tell Miss Peregrine wasn't happy, she shot the two the death glare. "Autumn and Enoch, the children reported strange noises coming from upstairs and wondered what it was, care too explain?" She narrowed her eyes at them and mouthed 'you two are in serious trouble', all the other children laughed at Miss P's actions and continued on with their day.

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