It's all going to be fine

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Enoch's p.o.v
I dreamt that night about the hollow, it dragging me through the woods, a tree hit me in the process, leaving a small gash in my leg, I was certain at that moment I was going to die...
Autumn woke up earlier than usual the next day, feeling around on the bed to find it empty and cold, she sat up slowly, taking in the eerie feeling of sadness in the room. She heard whimpering coming from the bathroom and a small light on, she peeked her head into the bathroom and saw Enoch sitting on the edge of the tub with tear-stained cheeks and his head in his hands. "Baby, what's the matter?" He raised his head up slightly and she could see his bloodshot eyes that were usually the color of amber, "I'm scared, Autumn". She looked at him with a look of amazement, 'the' Enoch O'Connor was never scared of anything, "what are you scared of, my love?" She asked taking a seat next to him on the edge of the tub, "I'm scared that the hollow will come back and hurt me or the rest of the children, I don't know what I'd do if I lost you all" he explained as more tears streamed down his face, she pulled him into her arms, hugging him tightly as she rubbed his head full of curls, "everything will be fine, Enoch, we will protect you and ourselves, promise". He smiled up at her and hugged her again before kissing her plump lips, "now c'mon my Scottish baby, let's get back to sleep I'm tired" she said as they crawled back into bed.

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