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Lance woke up with a smile on his face. He didn't know why. He was just a happy person. He's always been that way. He was always positive no matter what. He got up from his new bed and stretched. He put on his uniform and went to brush his teeth. He was dreaming of Keith last night. He always does, it never fails, every night he dreams of Keith. He grabbed his yellow toothbrush and began brushing his teeth. He spit out the toothpaste afterwards and put some water on his face.

"Refreshing.." he smiled. He put his toothbrush back quickly and walked down the stairs. It was weird walking down new stairs. "Hey! GoodMorning Lance!" Kim waved at Lance from the kitchen. Lance grinned. "GoodMorning Mrs. Kogane."

"Did you sleep well?" She smiled and poured some orange juice into a cup. "Here." She gave the cup to Lance and smiled. "Thank you and yes it was actually a very comfy bed!" He giggled and drank the juice.

They heard a groan and turned around. Keith stood there with his uniform on. "You never give me orange juice in the morning." He sighed. "You never want some!" His mother rolled her eyes and walked to the counter.

Lance looked at Keith. "GoodMorning Keith!" He blushed. Keith looked up and smirked "GoodMorning."

Keith remembered the stupid love note from last night. He had a plan for tonight. "Well I'm leaving. Bye." He walked towards the door. Lance smiled. "I'm leaving too! Bye Mrs, Kogane!" He ran to the door and waved to Kim.

"Bye Lance, have a good day! You too Keith!"

Keith opened the door but closed it once Lance was about to walk out. "He's so mean." Lance huffed and opened the door. He walked out and caught up to Keith.


Keith turned around and gripped Lance's arm. He brought Lance closer to his face. They were inches away. "W-what are you doing Keith?"

Keith didn't say nothing but stare at Lance. Their lips were so close to touching. "You have a orange juice mustache." He whispered and let go of Lance's arms. Keith was just teasing him?! He blushed. Keith smiled and turned around and walked away. "T-that's not funny!" He realized he made Keith smile, for the first time he's seen Keith smile. He felt his heart warm up. His smile was so lovely.

"I'm not laughing aren't I? Who said it was funny?" Keith said. He used one hand to carry his bag and put his other hand in his pocket. Lance gripped the sides of his book bag. He was right, Keith wasn't laughing, he never said this was funny. He was so stupid sometimes. He ran up to Keith and stood behind him. "Also don't tell anyone you're living with me and don't talk to me got it? I can't be seen talking to someone like you."

Lance nodded and kept his head low. I hate you so much sometimes.

At school everything was the same, Lance learned nothing in class and Shiro attempted to flirt with him. "Are you sure you're okay? If I was Keith I would've read your love note!"

Lance patted Shiro on his shoulder "thanks."
Shiro smiled. "We should get married one day, me and you, we'll be a great couple don't you think?" He put an arm around Lance and pulled him close. The bell rung and Shiro held Lance's hand. "Come on!" He pulled Lance outside and put his arm around him again.

"Shiro let me go." Lance giggled.


While walking up the stairs Pidge saw this. "Hey isn't that the boy who confessed his love for you? He's already with someone new.." Pidge pointed down at them. Keith turned around. He looked at them for a moment and was silent. "It's none of our business." He shrugged and kept walking. He couldn't care less if Lance was with someone new. Pidge pushed her glasses up and nodded. "Okay."
She followed behind Keith.

Things at dinner were awkward. The adults mostly talked. Lance stared at Keith while Keith's little brother glared at Lance.

Suddenly Kim said something that made everything a little more awkward. "What if Keith and Lance got married? I think they'll make a amazing couple, I'm also sure that Lance is Keith's type." Kim giggled and drunk her wine.

Lance rose an eyebrow. "Really? Me his type?" He grinned. "Ha you aren't my type." Keith said. He sat across from Lance. He picked up a carrot and took a bite of it.

"Oh.. good because I don't wanna marry you anyways." Lance shrugged and looked down at his food.

"Oh is that so? What about that passionate letter you wrote to me?" Keith smirked. Lance dropped his fork and looked up at Keith. He wouldn't.

"Dear Keith, I'm Lance McLain, you may not know me but I know you. It happened the day I first saw you walk in the school doors. The day I fell in love with yo-"

Lance smacked Keith across the face. "How dare you hit me?!" Keith clutched his fist and got up.

"How could you say that! You read the letter without my permission!"

"You wrote it for me though!"

"Still!" They argued back and forth.

"Wait you love Keith?" Kim asked. They both looked down at her.

"Go on, tell her." Keith sat down and folded his arms.

Lance felt his eyes water up. Keith always found a way to make Lance cry somehow. "Yes.. I'm in love with Keith.. I wrote him a stupid love note to confess to him.. it's really stupid.. I'm sorry, I'm not hungry anymore, thank you for the meal." He said quickly and then ran up to his room.

God damnit Lance , pull yourself together. He let the tears pour down his face. How could he be in love with such a cold-hearted guy. Keith was a ass for saying that. He couldn't believe he even read the note. He thought back to this morning where Keith pulled him close. He loved being close to Keith. Although Keith was an asshole Lance still kept up with him. He didn't want to lose hope. He knew Keith didn't like him but his actions earlier made Lance think. Keith could've just told Lance he had a orange juice mustache, he didn't have to pull Lance so close to him.

Well he was teasing him so that made sense on why he would do that. Lance heard a knock.
He wiped his tears. "Yes?" His voice was shaky.

"It's me Kim, can I come in?" Kim opened the door and peaked in.

"Yeah it's okay." Lance shrugged.

"I brought some photo albums, I'm not sure but looking at these old photos make me smile when I'm hurt, I thought they'll make you feel a bit better." Kim smiled and sat next to Lance on the bed. She put down three different photo albums.

He opened a green one and saw pictures of a little boy. It looked like Keith but the boy was smiling and Keith never smiles. He's always serious.

"Who's this?"


Lance gasped. It didn't look like Keith at all. He could some features that looked like Keiths. "He use to be such a happy kid and express himself now he barley does that.." Kim shook her head and sighed.

He flipped the page and saw another photo but it looked like a girl. They had their hair pulled into pig tails and they were wearing a dress. Did he have a twin sister or something?

"Who's this?" He pointed to the picture.

"That's Keith too, when he was younger he use to like to dress up as girls and model."
Lance burst out laughing. "Can I have this please?" Kim nodded and took the obit out of the plastic pocket.

This would be good revenge. He put the picture under his pillow and giggled.

They looked at pictures of younger Keith all night. Who knew Keith was such a girly girl back then?

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