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"Keith, how did you know what questions would be on the test?" It was already two days after the exam and Lance was still curious as to how Keith knew the questions.

He was at Keith's door waiting for him to respond.

Keith groaned. "I've dealt with you enough, stop bothering me."

He got up to close his door but Lance was quick to stop that from happening. He put his foot in the doorway so Keith wouldn't be able to close it.

"Please tell me! please, I'll really stop bothering you." He plead.

Keith sighed. "If you look through the textbooks, it's easy to spot what they'll teach us, they give us specific lessons to learn specific things, when you look through a textbook you'll see things that aren't entirely related to what the lesson we're learning is on, they give us more unnecessary information when they make us read through textbooks, that's how I knew."

Lance did not understand anything Keith just said. It didn't go though his head. He made an O shape with his mouth. "Oh, haha I know now, okay bye."

Keith looked at him in disbelief, this guy really didn't know nothing. He rolled his eyes and shut the door in Lance's face.

Lance huffed and crosses his arms. He walked back to his room and shut the door softly.

He walked to the white desk that Kim prepared for him. He took out a paper and some color pencils. He began to draw. He didn't know what he was drawing but if didn't really matter.

Lance was pretty good at drawing actually. His mom used to paint and draw for him all the time. He sighed and put down then red color pencil.

"I miss you so much." He sighed. He looked down at what he had drawn. He drew roses, which he thought was weird considering he was not a fan of roses actually. He sighed and got up from the comfy chair and looked out his window. He face was scrunched up. "I wonder if Keith likes roses."  he thought aloud. 

                                                                   * * *

Lance was out looking for some things to buy that Kim had asked him to get. He was in line when he heard a loud laugh. He looked behind him but all he saw was a old lady so he looked at the other line and saw Shiro. He smiled and called for Shiro. 

"Hey Shiro!" 

Shiro turned his head away from the guy he was talking to and smiled brightly. He said something quick to his friend and ran towards Lance, apologizing to some of the people as he bumped into the them. 

"Hi Lance." Shiro breathed out. 

"Are you shopping too?" Lance asked as he saw that Shiro has nothing in his hand. 

"Nah, I was just hanging out with a friend. He was shopping though." 

Lance nodded and hummed back. It was his turn to pay for his stuff. He didn't get much so he was quickly done. He tried to grab all five bags but failed. Shiro giggled and took three bags. "Let me help." Lance was quick to thank him. 

"Thanks Shiro!"

"You know I'll do anything for you.." Shiro said. He bit his lip. He couldn't control his feelings around Lance, even if he knew Lance was into that jerk Keith. He glanced at Lance. He had his held up high as he lead Shiro to his home. 

"You're a thief Lance.. you've stolen my heart and I want it back.." Shiro thought to himself. 

                                                                 * * *

Kim thanked Lance and Shiro as they both helped put stuff away. Keith walked downstairs with a book in his hand. Lance saw that and smiled. "What are you reading, Keith?" He asked happily. 

Keith looked up from his book and rolled his eyes. "A medical book." he said coldly.

"What for?"

"Don't you think you ask too many questions. Shut up for once." Keith was cold and harsh but he could care less. He had to focus but stupid Lance wouldn't let him. 

It was no surprise that Lance was almost in tears. He hated being talked to like that, espeically by the one he loved the most, Keith. Kim gasped while Shiro was ready to fight. How dare he talk to his baby like that!

"He was just asking a question Keith. No need to be rude!" Shiro exclaimed. He hand his hads in the air.

"I did not raise you to be so rude! Go to your room!" Kim said at the jet black haired boy. Keith rolled his eyes once again and let out a sigh before turning around. After he left, Kim apologized on his behalf. 

"He's been really worked up lately, I'm sorry." 

"Don't be sorry! It's okay," Lance assured her. "Do you know why he was reading the medical book?" he asked shyly.

"Oh! He's going to be a doctor after he graduates from highschool! He'll go to college and become a doctor! Of course he has to study for the entrance exam but you know Keith, he's smart. He'll pass for sure!" Kim said happily, not realizing that she wasn't suppose to say anything about Keith becoming a doctor. 

Lance let what Kim said sink in. Keith will soon leave them, he'll leave them all to be a doctor. Lance was heartbroken. How could he see Keith again if he goes to some big university for smart people, he'll probaly even get a cool dorm with cool people and forget Lance. Lance let out a loud whine. It wasn't fair, he was being selfish but he always wanted to be around Keith. He loved him. 

Shiro however thought this was great.  No more Keith means that maybe Lance will forget about him and start to love Shiro instead. Shiro put his arm around Lance and pulled him close. Shiro saw how dull Lance looked so he took the chance to ask him out.

"Lance, you look sad. How about we hang out today? Just you and me, it'll be fun!" His words made Lance get out of his thoughts. 

"Sure." Lance figured he should get Keith off his mind so that's why he agreed. He sighed as he looked at Shiro. 

"Let's go have fun!"


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