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Exams. Exams were coming up. Lance had totally forgot. He's never studied for a single exam before anyway.

"It's time for a change. I will try to study and try hard." Lance smiled and nodded his head. He was in the kitchen drinking water. Suddenly he heard a laugh.

"You, study? Even if you did you'll fail."

Lance looked up and saw Keith just standing there. 

"Hey, y-you don't know that. I can be smart if I try." He pointed his finger at Keith.

Keith just smirked, "as if you have a brain to use."

Lance unconsciously nodded. What's wrong with you Lance, stop it, stop it now.

"How about this, if you tutor me and help me make it on the top 50 I'll leave you alone."

"Firstly, you can't leave me alone even if you tried. Secondly, you're too dumb to teach."

Lance huffed. Fine, if you wanna be like that then I'll bring back past memories.

"Oh what is this?" Lance pulled out the picture of Keith dressed as girl out of his pocket.

Keith gasped, "where'd you get that?" He tried to reach for the picture but much to his luck, he was shorter than Lance.

"I'll give it to you if you help me study! Please please."

"So annoying..fine."

Lance smiled. That's right. I'll show you. I'm not as dumb as you think.


"What does the F mean in F equals MA?"

Lance didn't think it would be this hard. Every time Lance completed a question, Keith already had a new difficult one written down.

"Um. Fun?" He grinned at Keith.

Keith was on the urge of screaming. How can someone possibly be this stupid?

He scoffed, "fun, really?"

"That's not it?" Lance gave a innocent face.

Keith snatched the pencil out of Lance' hand. He scooted closer to Lance so he can get closer to the paper. They were so close that Lane could practically feel Keith's hot breath on his neck.

"Listen good, F is the force. You understand? The force. M is the mass, and A is acceleration. It's from Newton's second law. To find the acceleration, you have to divide the net force by the mass, so,,"

Maybe Lance really wasn't a good listener, maybe it was because Keith was this close to him and actually helping him study.

It felt as if his ears were blocked off from sound or something. He couldn't focus on what Keith was saying, he was only focusing on the way Keith's lips moved. How soft they looked.

"Did you get that?" He was brought out of his daze by Keith's harsh voice. He nodded and lied, "I think i understand now!"

"Good, then answer that question I just wrote down, explain how you can find the acceleration."

Keith held such a serious face. He moved back away from Lance and crossed his arms. All Lance could do was giggled, "you want m-me to solve this? ha, a piece of cake."

He looked down at the question. He blinked a couple of times. He tried to think, he tried his best to remember but his mind was just blank. He couldn't think of anything.

"Can you maybe..explain just one more time." Lance stuck his tongue out just a bit and lifted one finger up while looking at Keith.

Keith officially wanted to die.
He couldn't take it anymore. "Why don't you just give it up?"

"Because I'm determined! There's always a way to succeed, I can't just give up now." He gave Keith a wide smile.

For a moment, just a moment, Keith felt a bit moved. It didn't last though. "Whatever."

Lance went back to trying to work on his problem while Keith just watched him. They stood like this for awhile.

"Hey, so if the force is-" he looked down and say Keith was asleep.

A big smiles formed on his face. Keith is sleeping like a cute angel.

He put his pencil down and moved a little bit closer to Keith's face. He whispered, "thank you."

He bit his lip and laid his head down right next to Keith's.

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