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Keith woke up warm. He looked around and it was already morning. But he wasn't in his room, he was in Lance's. He felt a blanket on top of him when he lifted his head up. Lance was no where to be seen when Keith looked around the room.

He looked down at the desk and saw the problems he asked Lance to do last night completed. He picked it up and smirked.

"Let's see how he did." He scanned through the answers. Surprisingly Lance only got a few wrong. Some basic questions but Keith was a bit proud that Lance got some right. Though he'll never admit it.


Keith walked down to the smell of coffee. It was only 6:30 when he walked down. He went into the kitchen and saw Lance behind the coffee machine.

Lance looked up and smiled. "You're up?"

Keith hummed and sat down at the small, round kitchen table they had. Lance quickly rushed to the table and put down a cup of coffee for Keith.

"Thank you for helping me yesterday."

Keith just hummed again and drank the coffee. Making coffee was probably the only thing Lance was good at doing, thought Keith.

His coffee was amazing, better than his moms coffee, but still he would never admit that too.


Today was the exam. Lance felt semi nervous. He knew he studied hard but what if he randomly forget everything he learned suddenly? He wouldn't be able to live if that happened.

He walked quietly behind Keith at school. He knew he wasn't suppose to talk to Keith at school but he couldn't help but whisper a small "thank you." to him before walking to class.

Keith kept a straight face, "good luck." He walked into his class and Lance was stunned.

Keith actually talked to him! And at school, the place where Keith strictly said for Lance not to talk to him to.

Lance smiled and nodded. He believed in himself. He walked into class feeling more confident than ever.


After his teacher passed out the test sheets, Lance looked at the questions.

1. What is F=MA?

These questions were the same questions Keith prepared for him. Lance was shocked, how would Keith know the exact same questions that would be on the test.

Lance shrugged after thinking about it and answered the questions happily. He knew everything for once.

A week had passed and today the results were out. Everyone was at the front of the school where they'll see who made it on the top 100.

As expected, Keith was number one when Lance checked. He was so busy checking for Keith's name that he didn't even look to see if he made it on the list. Keith's best friend, Pidge, was in second place. Those two always made first and second place every time.

Keith never went up to see if he made it on the list, he KNEW he'll make it, that's why he never checked. But for the the first time he looked at the list. He checked for Lance.

100. Lance McLain

He smiled softly and walked away. Lance looked back and saw Keith standing behind the wall.

He ran over to him and grinned, "congratulations on first place Keith! As expected from a genius." He poked Keith's head.

Keith swatted his hand away. "Don't touch me. Congratulations to you too." His face was still serious.

Lance titled his head. "For what?"

"You didn't check? You made it on the list."

"Wha- I did!?" He looked at Keith with a open mouth. He ran to the list and started to look around.

Keith chuckled as he watched Lance.

As Keith said, Lance was on the list. He made it. His name was on the same paper as Keith's name. For the first time in all his high school years, he finally made it.

He felt so happy he could've died from so much happiness. He ran back to Keith and held his hands, "I made it! I made it!"

Keith smiled, "yeah you did," his face went back to all seriousness, "now give me back the photo."

Lance let go of Keith's hands and pulled the picture out of his pocket.

He waved it around. "This photo." Keith grabbed Lance's waist and pulled him close. Lance immediately stopped after realizing how close he was to Keith. Their faces were only inches apart. Keith smirked and took the photo right out of Lance's hand.

"Thank you, now leave me alone." He let go of Lance. Lance couldn't stop blushing, Lance felt as if he could explode any minute.


Guess who's back. Back again.
Lmao guys I'm back again. I'm vv sorry this update took a bit longer. I've been busy with school, personal things and just life in general y'know. 😩

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, it was a bit rushed so I'm sorry. Aside from my klance stories, I have been writing some jikook & vmin drafts.

Idk if any of my readers are bts fans but if you are and ship those ships ^ then bless you. As I mentioned before in previous stories I haven't been in the klance fandom much recently since I started to get out of it, but yeah. I want to post one of the bts ships but I'm not sure yet! Anyway ty for reading! 💜

Alsooo, I've seen many comments asking if this was inspired by Playful kiss. Actually it wasn't, this was originally inspired by Mischievous Kiss, which is basically a Japanese ver.

Idk if you guys know but there's a Korean ver, Chinese ver, and a Japanese ver. (Idk if there's any other ver's lol)

I didn't even know about playful kiss until reading all your comments lmao. I just recently finished watching all three ver's. So if you haven't, you should definitely check them and Mischievous Kiss out. There's even a season two to it :)

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