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It was so unexpected. I didn't plan to fall in love with Keith. His stupid but gorgeous mullet, his dumb but handsome face, gosh I hate him! W-wait no, I love him.

Lance stood dazing at the wall. He was thinking of Keith again. He was planning on confessing his love for Keith. He knew he had no chance but tonight he felt lucky. His plan wasn't exactly to tell Keith straightforward but to tell him in a love note. He stood up all night just thinking of what to write.

'Dear Keith Kogane,

I'm Lance McClain, you may not know me but I know you. It all happened when I saw you walk in through the school doors, the day I fell in love with you. It's already been two years but this feeling still remains strong. I can't let this strong feeling go, no matter how hard I try. I love you.'

He folded up the note and put it in a red envelope. "Tomorrow, I'll confess my love for him tomorrow morning." Lance smiled confidently. He felt as if this was the right thing to do. He looked at his grey clock on the wall. His eyes widen, it was already past midnight.

"Huh?! I couldn't have been up that long!" He sighed and jumped onto his bed. "If it's for Keith then it's worth it."

The annoying alarm woke up Lance from his wonderful dream, he was just about to run into Keith's arms. As soon as he opened his eyes a huge smile formed. Today was the day! The day he'll confess his love for Keith. He got up from his bed and ran to put on his uniform.

Stupid white button up shirt. He hated his uniform. He rolled his eyes and put on his navy blue tie. After he put on his shoes and the rest of his uniform on he opened the door and ran down the stairs.

"Wait!" He yelled. He touched the top of his head. His hair! How could he leave without brushing his hair down! He ran back upstairs and went into the bathroom. He flicked on the light and opened up the cabinets. He grabbed his white hair brush and started to brush his hair down.

"I need a hair cut.." he sighed. His hair was starting to get more wavy which he didn't like really. As the waves in his hair went down he put the hair brush back in the cabinet and took one last look at himself. He straightened his tie and then ran out.

He was ready. He had the note in his book bag and his hair was brushed. This was the day. He ran down the stairs and ran outside. He lived far from the school so he had to run. If there's anything more he hated than his wavy hair it was running. He wasn't the Athletic type at all.

He only ran a block and he was already out of breath. Got to make it in time to see Keith. He looked up and started to run again.

It didn't take him long until he was finally at his school. He looked up at the huge school and walked slowly, he was hoping to see Keith.

He looked around for a couple minutes. Student's were already entering the school. He frowned. Where are you? He heard giggling so  he turned around. His frown turned into a smile. There he was! Keith.

Okay you can this Lance no butting out. He sighed and a made some arm movements. He got the envelope out of his book bag and held it in his hands. He walked to Keith. He was finally in front of Keith. He was freaking out. "What do you want?" Keith's voice held no emotion, he couldn't tell if he was annoyed or mad. It was just no emotion.

Lance swallowed hard before looking down and holding up the envelope to Keith.

"Please accept my love letter for you Keith!" He yelled. Please accept it!

"Sorry, I don't accept things from dumb people." Keith grabbed the envelope and tossed it on the floor. "Now move." Lance was stunned. His eyes were widen and so was his mouth. He moved aside and watched Keith walk past him. He heard gasps and laughs. He felt like crying. How could he say that! He knew he didn't have the same IQ as Keith and was in a lower class but that didn't mean he wasn't smart.

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