Love at first sight?! ➫ klance

Love at first sight?! ➫ klance

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‍‍‍ By -jayebum Updated Mar 01, 2018

"Please accept my love letter for you Keith!" 

"Sorry, I don't accept things from dumb people."

Lance McLain has been in love with Keith Kogane for 2 years now. It was 'love at first sight' as he claims.  Sadly, there's no chance between them, Keith is the smartest guy in the school,most popular, and most adored, while Lance on the other hand is a clumsy, 'dumb' person. Keith is way out of his league... until a turn of events happen and Lance is suddenly forced to live in Keith's family house.  

Maybe that'll change Keith's feelings towards Lance? Maybe it won't? Who knows!

[inspired by a anime!!!! I don't take credit for the idea of the story!]

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