"T-This is all my fault" Hannah stuttered

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I looked at Niall, his eyes were big, he knew he was caught. But then again, it was to late, Niall had already swung and now I was on the floor cupping my cheek.

"WHAT THE FUCK." I heard a voice scream as the door slammed open. This is all to much, this is all happening to fast.. I looked to the door to see two figures standing at the door opening.

Then I blacked out.

"It's going to be okay Faith, I promise. Niall is gone, the police are here and everything, okay?" I heard a voice whisper in my ear. I slowly began to open eyes, squinting from the bright light above me, the first thing I saw was a familiar face. Brown curly hair, green eyes, that all belonged to a perfect person, named Harry.

His fingers ran through my hair as I sat in-between his legs. His body was warm against mine, and it felt. Safe. "You're going to be okay." I heard him say while kissing my head. I looked around to see where I was, I was in Harry's bedroom. I've been in here a few times, not a lot though. He didn't like having people in here, I don't know why. We were currently on his bed, alone. Suddenly I heard a knock at the door, "Come in." I heard Harry call out.

The door opened and a girl walked in. It was Hannah. She walked over cautiously as if she was scared. "Um- the police are going to need a statement from Faith.. tomorrow.." Hannah said while sitting on the end of the bed. I didn't want to talk, but I know both of them were ager to hear me say something. Slowly I rose from Harry's lap and crawled over next to him. "You guys.. probably want to know what happened." I said while looking at there faces. Both pale as snow. "Um. Niall said that Harry wanted me up stair, he said he'd show me were to go. So I followed him. He brought me to a bedroom and I opened the door and looked in. When I saw no one in there I was going to ask where Harry was.. but..um. Niall pushed me in the room and closing the door after he walked in. I- I asked what was happening and he said- that we should-" I stopped looking at them to see if they were ready. "Kiss. I didn't want to, but he pushed me against the wall... when I kept fighting he threw me on the bed.. He crawled on top of me- and then I pushed him off. When I was just about to open the door he pulled me back.. and to fast forward it all. He began to hit me. Then I guess you guys walked in." I finally chocked out.

Hannah and Harry exchanged glances. "I'm sorry." Harry said slowly while trying to grab my hand. I pulled away not wanting to be touched. Hannah did her distance though, but finally she spoke up. "I heard.. some screaming.. and I thought it was just the usual party.. activity. But um. Then I heard begging and I thought I heard someone get slapped. I got Harry and we walked in.".

"and after that?" I questioned. Hannah nodded her head towards Harry telling him to speak. "After we walked, I went to help you, but Niall punched me. We started to fight, and while that happened Hannah called the police while... dragging you out.".  "Thank you both.." I said while looking down at the bed sheets. "T-this is all my fault." Hannah stuttered out. My head shot up, "What?" I asked. She began to sob, "I-I'm so sorry. i should have listened. This wouldn't have happened if I only had done what that note..said."

"What note" I questioned while sitting up straight, maybe she was getting the same kind of notes I was getting. "I didn't want to tell anyone, but I guess I have to. I've been getting threatening notes. They're scary. Someone knows all my secrets, someone has done there research on me. They've been telling me to do stuff. Nothing to bad, but last night- I got a note saying I had to ditch.. um Faith at the park or else. I wouldn't- couldn't do that to her.. so it's my fault. "

I had a million questions running through my head, and I was speechless.

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