The Day Before

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Life started out so easy, just a normal life. I was a normal girl, nothing big. I wasn't the most popular girl in school, and I was okay with that. But the day my mother got remarried my life turned to hell, literally. There was nothing wrong with the husband, but the daughter. She was Satan. It started out with her just making comments towards me, then she started breaking things, and the next thing I knew, she was trying to ruin my whole life. I've never been much of a fighting type, so this was all new to me, no ones ever had it "out" for me. I told my mom, but she kinda just shoved it a side and said that she was jealous. Everything about her was terrible. Everything. Even her name... Sarah, like that's such a over used name. Why name your child it, but hey it's a whatever thing.

School was going to start tomorrow, I was scared as fuck. Was Sarah going to cause trouble for me? I hope not.. She was a grade under than me, so I guess that's good. Maybe this year something good will happen to me, you know? Maybe I'll get straight A's and even meet a guy..ha.. who am I kidding? Faith Johnson meeting a boy? Out of all the things that God had given me that was suppose to be a blessing this one was a curse. I was shy, not the "Oh he called me cute I'm going to giggle and look away." more of , "Oh there's a boy over there I should probably run into my room and hide"  

Don't laugh at me... 

Anyways, let's get off that sad road and start picking out my first day outfit. I don't want to much attention, but this year I wouldn't mind standing out.. so maybe I'll just wear jeans, VANS, a beanie and a Nirvana shirt.. nah, too "hardcore" for the first day. I don't want anyone to think I'm like emo. I walked over to my closet and opened it, only to find a mess. Jesus Christ, I should really clean this, ha or maybe not. I starting throwing shirts all off the ground until I found a green and black plaid shirt. Perfect. I could wear this, jeans, a beanie and some VANS. I closed my closest and walked over to my dresser and set everything up neatly. I wonder what time it is, I pulled out my phone to find it was 12pm. Well, shit. If I get caught being up this late I'm fucked.

I ran to my bathroom and brushed my teeth then I ran back into my room just before anyone could hear me, thank God. Next I slid my shorts down my legs and got into the covers, laying down I began to get computable and right when I was almost asleep my phone lit up. Dammit. I picked it up to see a text from Hannah Warner, "Go the fuck to sleep Hannah, Jesus ." I thought to myself as I typed in my phone password. When it unlocked clicked on the message, "Hey dude, can't wait to see you tomorrow. It's late I know, so if you're reading this go to bed, loser." Ah, typical Hannah. I shut my phone off and went back to sleep. The only thing I could think about was what was going to happen tomorrow.

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