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School went by.. quick. Well not really, I just ignored everyone and talked very little. People seemed to notice so I decided to tell them I felt sick. They're idiots, so they believed me. It was almost 8pm, and I was nervous, I wasn't sure what was going to happen. What could happen.. Was it safe? Well, it was a better idea to go then to have everyone hate me, right?

God, why did I even have to make that stupid diary. I'm so stupid for it, I want to blame Harry, but he didn't know this would happen, well nor did I, but I still only have myself to blame. Do you think I can start again? I guess not. 

 "Where do you think you're going?" My dad said while walking into my room. "To visit..Hannah." I said quickly. "Be back by 10 or you're in trouble" he grumbled while walking out. Woah, that was close.. Okay, it's 7:20 I should start going. Katie is dropping me off before she goes to a party. "

*New Message*

"Hey dude ima be der in like 5mins B ready. ima get drunk tonight ;D gunna get laid gurl. ttyl"

I never said we were close friends..

When Katie was finally here I jumped into the car and she started talking non-stop. Like, take a rest honey. I don't care how many HIV'S you're about to get. Keep it to yourself, okay?Okay. But now I was finally at the park, it was 7:55 and I was alone. The waiting is dreadful, I'm sitting here alone, and just when I thought I was going to fall asleep it turned 8pm. I looked up, and there, right infront of me, almost 4 feet away was a teddy bear sitting in the grass holding a balloon and note. HowI-never mind.

I walked slowly towards it, I was scared. I could die, it could be a bomb, but then again, it could be a teddy bear. I bend over and grabbed it, there was a note tied to the teddy bears hand. I untied the sting, letting the balloon go up into the sky.

"Tell me Again, Tell Me Again, Tell Me How Much You Love Dear Harry.

Please tell me, I enjoy the story, sorry I couldn't be here today, I had to take care of some lose ends. Just remember, I'm watching,darling. Also, I love the new room. But, you might need to check under your bed, your dad said no drugs. It'd be a shame if he found them.  Why cant you ever listen to people, when they say things are off limits, AKA: Tony. "

I was so enraged I thought I'd meet the person that was going to ruin my life!

"WHY THE FUCK WONT YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed out. Then I remembered the part where they mentioned drugs, oh God. Did they put something under my bed?

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