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Today's The Big DATE.

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After last nights.. fiasco I wasn't very excited to see Hannah this morning, but I needed to be at school, so I could see Harry. Mhm. After getting dress and eating breakfast awkwardly across from my sister I heard a honk from outside. "Bye mom" I said with a smile and then I looked down at Sarah, she looked like she hasn't slept, but I couldn't help myself, "Have a nice day." I whispered into her ear before I left.

I ran outside to see Hannah not as happy as she was yesterday. I got in the car and it was dead silent. Not even a pep. "You look like you haven't slept..." just like Sarah, I said trying to buckle in. "I don't feel like talking." she said coldly as she turned on "her" music. I did the "", only because she literally claims her music, and you can listen to it unless she says you can. And she never will give you permission. I didn't feel like pushing her because I was scared that Tony might have told her so I stayed quiet. When we got to school she parked and sat there. I didn't know what else to do so I sat there too. She looked at me and choked out, "H-he.. cheated on me.. with yo-" oh god he told. He told that him and I "..yo-y-your sister. So I broke up with him..." I let out a sigh of relief knowing he didn't tell YET, but I was also sad for her. "I'm sorry.. " I said trying to sound just as sad as she was. "All good." she replied while getting out. What. Okay, that was weird... I got out too so we both walked to class, luckily Harry was already there. Aw snap. I walked over and sat beside him, "Hey are we still on for today?" he asked. "uh, yeah.. but where?" I asked looking over at Hannah to make sure she wasn't listening. And she wasn't, she was screaming at some kid that took her pencil. Oh my. "I was thinking like.. a pizza place?" Harry said trying to pronounce pizza like American's did. "Sounds great." I replied back with a small smile. "Want to go straight after school?" he asked. I nodded just before Mrs.Bostwick walked in and began explaining how comma's and period's are not the same thing.

*fast forward a few hours*

School was finally over and I was now waiting for Harry at the water fountain. "Hey, come on." I heard a voice come from behind me. Oh no. It's Hannah. I turned around to see her holding the keys up. "Ah, I already have a ride..." I trailed off. Her semi-smile totally turned into a "fuck you too." face. "Oh.. okay.." she said standing there. "Aye love, ready to go?" I heard Harry say as he walked up next to me. Hannah look up and looked Harry up and down. "I understand now. " with a wink was the last thing Hannah did before she walked off.

"What was that all abou-" I cut him off before he could finish. "Don't worry about it, let's just go." I said while pulling on his shirt. "Okay, okay." he said as he took my hand and walked me to the car. WOAH. HAND HOLDING. He opened the door for me with a smile. How.. gentlemen like. "Thank you" I said laughing. He walked over to the other side and got in putting the keys into the car and turning it on. He had a nice car, well it was a truck. Not a car, but I liked it a lot.

The ride there was filled with talk about school, and teacher, and when we finally got there I was starving. He jumped out and opened the door for me again, "You don't always have to do that.." I said giggling. "Yes, yes I do." he said with a grin. He's so perfect, and I'm.. well I'm not.

"What would you like to eat?" asked our waiter as we sat down. Harry looked at me with a look of, "up to you." Oh no. I was never good at this. I really never have been. I cant even tell my mom want I want for dinner. "Uh.. just a slice of cheese pizza. " "And your drink?" the waiter asked as he wrote down my order. "Coke." I said while fixing the salt and pepper shakers. "I'll have the same as her." Harry said while tapping my arm. I looked up at him and his green eyes were so distracting I didn't catch what he said. "Uh what was that?" I asked. He chuckled , and repeated what he said this time more slowly. "I said, the salt and pepper shakers were bothering me too. I hate when they're not straight." I began to laugh at the thought of someone having that same issue as me.

When our pizza finally came I was so happy. "I'm starving!" Harry said excitedly while a gusting his plate. "I know right!" I said while taking my first bit. "So will you tell me what a British boy is doing here in America?" I said while wiping my mouth with a napkin. "Ah, I figured you'd ask that." he said while pointing at me with a grin.

(Author's note: I'm going to put their conversation in a row instead of a paragraph, you'll be able to tell to whose talking.)

"Well, my dad died last year or so, so my mum and I wanted to move somewhere to get far away from it all. She decided it'd be a good idea to move to America"

"Woah, that's pretty far.. do you miss any of your friends?"

"Well, not really. They were all pricks, but there's a few of them I miss. Like Louis, Niall, and some others. They're coming to visit soon, so you'll be able to meet them."

"I'd love too!"

"Good, watch out for Niall though, he might try to steal you from me!"

"Haha, no one said I'm yours!"

"Well, how about our next date we find out if you are or not?"

woah.woah.woah, So this is a date? AWESOME.

"Sounds good."

"It's getting late, ready to go?"


As we walked out I had my book bag on my shoulder, but it slipped off falling into a puddle of water.

"FUCK.SHIT.OH MY GOD. FUCK. WHY ME." I screamed out. Harry grabbed my shoulders and looked at me, "Only you can make those words sound cute." he said while bending over and picking up my bag. Why is he so perfect..

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