Want To Go Home Yet?

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"Uh, not really." I said quickly. He raised his brow giving me a questionable look, "I left when you were 12, how do you not remember me?" He asked. "I- I don't know. I'm 15 now, I guess I just kinda forgot after I got  my with new dad." I said trying not to make eye contact. My father laughed, "Ha, you think he's you're NEW dad? You'll never have a new dad.".

Er, awkwardness filled the room, as I tried to think of a response. "We need to set some rules, Faith." my dad said while taking a set at the table. I nodded.

"1. No drinking, nor smoking.

2. No drugs

3. No parties

4. No boys over

5. Be home by 12 on weekends

6. Your bed time is at 10 on week days."

Damn, that is a lot of rules I'm going to have to break. Oh well.. "I understand, I should probably unpack..." I said while rubbing my neck. "Alright."

When I finally got to my room I was so fucking happy, my dad. I don't- he like- he gives me some weird vibes. Like he's faking, and I have a sense he'll show his TRUE self when I get him mad or something. I want to go.. I want to go home. But I had no home, this was my home now. And I wanted to leave as soon as I could, something bad was going to happen I could tell.

While unpacking my lap top I turned it on to see my screen savor has been changed from a picture of Harry and I to picture of a chalk board. Ha, you think you're so funny Hannah, but then something happened. Slowley it began to write,

"Ah, want to go home yet? I would too if my dad was crazy, but atleast you have Harry and loving friends, right? Come to the park tomorrow at 8pm sharp or all that will be ruined."

I sat there, speechless, then my back ground turned back to normal. This isn't a game, and who ever was doing this was smart. Too smart.. I don't know who it is, but I will find out.. before it's too late.

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