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I didn't get much sleep last night since someone was able to snick into my room without anyone knowing and all. What else is going to happen is the question. What if the person wants me to do something big and I cant do it? T-That would ruin everything, and I know, I keep saying that.. but you don't understand. We've all done bad things, but I've done some very horrible things. I never planned for any of it to happen it always just happens on it's own, you know? You think I'm crazy don't you? Sometimes I think I'm going a little crazy myself.

Hannah picked me up and dropped me off at school, she couldn't come today since she had a "doctors appointment". Which is code for "Ditching school so Tony and I can make out.", maybe Harry and I should have a "doctors appointment" of our own? Hmm.

When I walked into school  the bell rang, everyone started to  chattering, shoving, and everything else normal high schoolers do. I had to get my books, and I didn't care if I was late for class so I went to my locker. Just when I turned the corner that led to my locker I saw a boy, not just any boy, but that boy named Sam. C-could sam be my stalker? The person that knows all my secrets? If it is him, I want to find out. Now.

"HEY." I called out while walking fastly towards him. He turned to me, letting him hair flip a little, his eyes got big and he looked mortified. "y-yes?" he stuttered out. "What are you doing to my locker?" I said as I got in his face. I wasn't usually like this, but if he's who I think he is, I'm going- well I don't know what I'd do. "Um-I um..It's a note asking you to go to Prom.." he said shyly. BIG MISTAKE. 

I called down, I began to get less tense and I backed up letting him and I have personal space again. "Oh.. I-Im sorry.. I thought you were doing something else. Also, I have a boyfriend so I cant go." I said while brushing my fingers through my bangs and not making eye contact. "Oh..no." Sam said sternly. "What?" I asked giving a confused look. He laughed, "You think this is my note? Haha, no! I found this in my locker saying to give this to you!" Oh. Was that a good or bad thing. A smile came to my face just the fact of thinking someone would go through all the trouble to pass a note towards me.. maybe it was Harry who wrote it! "May I see the note?" I asked. "Oh, sure!" Sam said while handing the note to me. I opened it slowly and to my surprise it wasn't what I was expecting.. a note saying 





R-U-N-N-I-N-G? "

The letters were cut out from a magazine, how.. psycho. I closed the note quickly. "Did you read this?" I asked quickly. "Nah, the note I got said not to because it was some kind of sappy love note to ask you out. Anyways, I have to go, see you around Faith." then Sam left.

Now, how do I sneak into 1st period?  

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